Inclusive and Special Education

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Hello there, Wayne. I am honored to read and answer to your post. I am impressed by your efforts to widen and deepen my understanding of inclusive and special education views. You have brought up the topic of culture in society and how it should be transformed into an inclusive and open field where all learners are welcome and free to communicate freely with one another. It is about their involvement and inclusion in the learning process.This approach should be included in all aspects of the employment of strategies that eliminate the issue of discrimination, isolation, culture and ethnic consideration and other forms of a hindrance to education to particular classes of students. Therefore, the perspectives of individuals should be shaped such that they appreciate the concept of inclusive and special education. This is with recognition of the needs of students with special needs and disabilities.

It is my pleasure to state that your post is very broadening about the different perspectives that different people have in inclusive and special education. However, I would like to know the method you used to gather your data on the numerous people you considered and declared their opinion about the perspective of inclusive and special education. Was your method of analysis and research inclusive and incorporative of the wider community view and recognition of the human rights to education? If so who are some of the people you involved in your research? Or in plain language what are your basis for your conclusion? In addition to this, what are your anticipation that the differentiated curriculum will be valid and credible in the learning process especially for the needy students?

In addition to the results obtained in Hong Kong, what were your overall deductions about inclusive and special education with regard to what the teachers and their aides think? Did you design a counter solution for making them accept the fact that inclusive and special education should be incorporated in the society and their training expanded to cater for the additional needs? What is your overall stand about special education in particular by considering the results obtained from the teachers as the direct determinants of its application in schools?

In conclusion, I appreciate your effort in trying to gather as much information as possible about inclusive and exclusive education. The fact that you have presented results on a diversified coverage show your credibility in the research you conducted and its reliability. I, therefore, recommend your mind broadening information on the different perspectives that people have about this concept especially those who directly impact on its outcome. However, your post would be more rectified and broadened with consideration of the questions I have highlighted in my response. Would justify your argument more soundly and acceptably for the general community to understand the basis of your conclusion on this subject.


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April 19, 2023

Education Sociology

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