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Global Warming

Global warming is a form of climatic change caused by an abundance of greenhouse gases, atmospheric pollution, and carbon (IV) oxide in the atmosphere. The contaminants mentioned above absorb short wave radiation from the earth's atmosphere, allowing the earth to overheat. Pollutants will linger in the atmosphere for decades, potentially causing global climate change. (Haldar and Ishita, p. 10) The relentless rise in temperatures is having a disastrous impact on the various human activities that depend on weather patterns; it also causes disasters such as hurricanes, heavy rains, and frequent droughts. The human activities that result in the release of atmospheric pollutants increases each and every year and if the activities may be prolonged, the scientist predict that the situation may have negative effects on the human health, economy, and the environment. Global warming results into a sudden change in the environmental conditions leading to the death of animals across different ecological systems. (Goldstein & Natalie, 34). The resultant heat waves across the atmosphere have caused both human and animals death around the globe. The increase in global heating has also led to the melting of Antarctica ice causing the rise in sea level.

Impact on Ecosystem

Global warming causes the melting of glaciers which results into severe droughts, a situation that may lead to the sudden water shortages. In most cases, the shortage of water results into the migration of different species of animals causing an imbalance to the ecosystems. (Goldstein & Natalie, 34). The intense warming can cause the disappearance of lakes and other small water bodies that hold and support different species of aquatic animals. The destruction of habitats like Alpine meadows and coral reef could drive numerous animals and plant species to extinction.

Solutions for Global Warming

Global warming is a dangerous natural phenomena which can lead to the total destruction of both the environment and human life. It is therefore necessary to initiate the mitigation factors to enhance the environmental conservation and to avoid unnecessary extinction of the vulnerable species of plants and animals.

Greening Transportation

Greening transportation is one factor that will reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants. The use of green energy is safer to the environment as compared to the use of fossil fuels which results into the release of excess carbon (IV) oxide into the air. (Houghton, 30). The introduction of low carbon fuel can also help in reducing the release of excess carbon compounds into the atmosphere.

Use of Renewable Sources of Energy

The use of renewable sources of energy is safer as they lack carbon compounds. It is therefore necessary to encourage the extensive use of these sources of energy for environmental safety. The renewable energy has the capability of serving the majority of processes across the world, it is therefore an efficient alternative source that can reduce the effect of global warming. . (Houghton, 28).

Managing Agriculture and Forest Cover

Managing agriculture and forest cover is an activity that aim at securing the environment from excess accumulation of carbon (IV) oxide. Thirty per cent of greenhouse gas emission is as a result of the destruction of the forest cover and reduced agricultural activities across the globe. It is therefore necessary to initiate practices that will lead to the conservation of plants and animals. Embracing zero carbon technologies will help in the reduction of emission of atmospheric pollutants like carbon (IV) oxide and lead. . (Houghton, 46). The use of electric cars is safer to the environment as it is applying zero carbon technology; this is one factor that aim at reducing the rate of global warming which is disastrous to both the economy and the entire environment.


Global warming is a form of climatic change that occurs as a result of the excess accumulation of greenhouse gases, air pollutants, and carbon (IV) oxide in the atmosphere. This natural phenomena results into a sudden change in the environmental conditions leading to the death of animals across different ecological systems. The use of green transportation and renewable sources of energy are some of the practices that aims at controlling global warming.

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January 05, 2023

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