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A change in mucus viscosity can affect the rhythm of ciliary beats, influencing how they function as the first line of protection. For example, an increase in mucus viscosity has a negative effect on ciliary beat frequency; in this situation, the increase results in a decrease in frequency while also inducing a shift in the metachronal expected between the cilia. Furthermore, this would have an effect on the cilia correlation. As the result, there will be the reduced ability of the ciliary escalator to provide protection for the respiratory epithelium because the frequency of moving mucus would have been cut down.

How can thick mucus secretions lead to an inappropriate second line of defense?

A defect observed in mucus secretion normally occurs when the mucus secretion becomes hyperthick which results to reduced effectiveness in the second line of defense. In which case, the abnormal secretion will retard the usual movement expected of the intestinal contents. The interference thereby results to the occurrence of an inflammation.

How does this defect in the second line of defense culminate in lung damage? Identify what the defect is in the second line of defense.

The defect in the second line of defense, which is the affected movement out of the lungs, is responsible for lung tissue damage. In which case, the defects inhibit the easy movement thereby resulting to a rise in inflammation and irritation of the tissue. The inflammation therein results to the swelling of the ways of passage which then causes partial closure and additional inhibition on the mucus movement.

May 04, 2022

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