Inoculation of Nutrient Agar Slants and Nutrient Broth Tubes

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The technique of aseptic removal and transfer of microorganisms for subculturing


Culture transfer technique is the best approach used to transfer and inoculate organisms.


1. One nutrient broth

2. One nutrient agar slant

3. One nutrient agar deep tube

4. Bunsen burner

5. Inoculating loop and needle

6. Glassware marking pencil


1. Label the tube to be inoculated with the name of the organism and your initials in this manner:

a. Nutrient agar plates

b. Nutrient agar slants

c. Nutrient broth tube

2. Position the tube in the palm of your hand, protect with your thumb and split to form a V.

3. Open the agar slant and bypass the neck of the tube faster rate over the Bunsen burner flame.

4. Inoculate the slant by drawing the needle up in a zigzag movement alongside the surface of the agar.

5. Light up the neck of the tube and recap

6. Flame the inoculating needle

7. Incubate all cultures at 37°C for 24 to 48 hours.


The nutrient broth tube was positive for growth. The growth was small in both settings and was pink in color. However, the broth continued to be yellow and transparent for the majority of the volume of the tube. The nutrient agar slant tube showed positivity for growth. Growth was bound to the slant surface and was slight. The growth exhibited an orange-red coloration. The remaining slant displayed the characteristics of yellow color and was clear.


Both tubes exhibited growth. With that, it is realized that the proper techniques were applied, giving a good result in the relocation and inoculation of both tubes with the organism.

August 04, 2023

Culture Science



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