Introduction to the Study of Media Effects

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According to Adorno, the media generates information, while viewers receive it. Adolf Hitler, for example, was able to use media organizations as a means of distributing propaganda to such an extent that his supporters believed in him by acting in accordance with the intended objective of the propaganda. Fiske, on the other hand, believed that both the media and the audience have power (David n.p). Precisely, the texts contains the central concepts or ideas that the producer (the media) intends to be consumed and digested by the consumers (the audience), but also offers the possibility of the latter to create their resistant or alternative readings. The consumers have the power of criticizing the information from the media, to the extent of demanding the media to reframe the areas that the consumers fees irritating. According to Fiske, people are not merely consumers of texts, but also producers of pleasures and meanings.

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Media effects are problematic in a myriad of ways. For example, the media may display images which when viewed by children, the latter creates that image in his or her mind, and it becomes challenging for them to forget (Paul 21). For example, children may become addicted to games after being exposed to them by the media.

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Media ownership structure has affected magazines, radio, newspaper and the book industry in numerous ways. For example, the media ownership structure has contributed to biasness in terms of what is and what is not to be covered. If something will offend the media owners, it cannot be covered (Paul 33). Moreover, the giant media corporations have enticed and absorbed the talented staffs from the minor media such as the magazine, radio, and Newspaper, and these have resulted to lack of audience for these minor media organizations.

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June 12, 2023

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