Iron Man is the Best Superhero

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The Rise of Ironman

The first movie based on a Marvel novel was Ironman, a 2008 American production from the Marvel Studios. It was subsequently released by Paramount Pictures. Ironman was the first film with a script by Hawk Ostby and Mark Fergus, and it was produced by Jon Favreau. After its release, the movie had its Sydney premiere, where it went on to become a critical and financial triumph, grossing over $585 million. (Eweing 13).

The Greatest Superhero

The superhero was hailed as being the best among all of them, which is why the movie received so much acclaim. Ironman will be argued to be the greatest superhero in this essay through examples. The iconic hero of Marvels has made Iron Man have different incarnations, particularly in movies, games, and TV shows. The film has also been involved in several events within the Marvel universe, thus inspiring people both real and fictional. To sum it up, Ironman has become a significant deal where he is a favorite to many people because of his style, genius, and the sheer bravado he has (James 176).

A Hero Without Powers

To become a hero in the Marvel universe is a bit dangerous, especially when one has superpowers. Since Ironman has no powers, one could write a book pertaining different motivations that his character portray. For instance, someone like Spiderman is too famous and has excellent powers. This means he has more responsibilities. Unlike other superheroes, Ironman is better than the rest because his duty revolves around making the world a better place by using his resources and mind. He even holds himself to high standards because, despite his lieu to superpowers, he uses his skills and his suit of armor and with the help of other superheroes, he physically helps the world (James 178).

Ironman - The Courageous Hero

People argue that Ironman’s pride compels him to fight, but in real sense, it is because he has a sense of reckless, senseless, and the will to put himself into dangerous situations just to save the world. His lack of powers even makes him become a hero of a kind that is more courageous. Another comparison that can argue why Ironman is the best superhero is that all other superheroes have their capabilities and in capabilities. For instance, as powerful as Spiderman is, he is less efficient in an open field. Captain America on the other hand only has the zenith human status meaning the only thing he is good at is fist fighting (Marcus n.d). With Ironman, he is the most versatile hero because despite having the limit in technology he completely took domain over the situation. He also has hundreds of suits that make him capable of having multiple abilities. From his Hulbuster to the arctic suit, Ironman has rare circumstances that the costumes are not prepared for.

A Leader by Example

Iron Man’s ability to think up new creative things has also enabled him to choose challenges single-handedly. He is also a leader by example because he has never thought of hiding his identity like other superheroes. For instance, Superman is Clerk Kent in the real world; Batman is Bruce Wayne while Spiderman is Peter Parker. So everyone that knows Ironman believes that he has the guts to challenge his nemesis everywhere. Despite the fact his openness gets him into trouble, he still manages to save the day (Marcus n.d). Ironman also has the capabilities to predict all possible outcomes because of his readiness of all eventualities. Of all superheroes, Ironman dares to save the world despite his health issues. For instance, he has shrapnel in his heart to the point that suffers heart attacks frequently, but when trouble comes, he is capable of waking up and stopping evil. Many scientists have also been inspired by Iron man’s capability because they have too built real-life skeletons that enable humans to repel bullets as well as lifting heavy objects. This is where life imitates arts because of Ironman.

An Icon of the Times

Ironman has also served as a barometer of times. For instance, he was a Capitalist during the cold war because he managed to become the greatest engineer when kids' computers were being developed. During the Reagan years, Ironman was considered the model of a successful Businessman. Perhaps the most precise character insofar about him is that, unlike Batman, he does not need to sermon anyone that pertain the deep psychological trauma when he wants to stop crime (Marcus n.d). Sure, nearly everyone can connect with someone who keeps his pride down and manages to feel in love with those that are close to him. It is only Ironman that has the sense of a relatable hero because he is always aware of his faults and his traits are the only ones that are rarely seen in superhero movies.

In Conclusion

Ironman indeed is the best superhero of all. As elaborated in the essay he has a natural way that makes him a unique character. He is also the only character that lacks superpowers but still manages to save the world. We have also seen he is the only character that performs anywhere despite the challenges that face him. Lastly, he is an open character that does not hide his real life and his heroic nature. The essay has supported the thesis by showing that Ironman is indeed the best superhero.

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June 19, 2023



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