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Any college student who had to write a TV essay before knows that it is not only talking about your favorite TV show or telling about how television highlights various political events. Regardless if you are majoring in Journalism or want to talk about education, you should come up with good real-life examples and go beyond the textbook. Keeping this fact in mind, we came up with free essay samples on TV topics that will help you to brainstorm good ideas to start with. If you are not sure about your essay topic, try narrowing things down to focus on a single idea because it will make it easier to look for similar reliable sources. Finally, you can always write about the history of television in the United States!

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252 views 10 pages ~ 2637 words
In The Knight with the Lion, women play a pivotal role.

Women play a pivotal role in The Knight with the Bull. Their position is limited not only to the impact they have on the...

95 views 4 pages ~ 972 words
The poem The Horse who Looked at Me

The poem The Horse That Looked at Me has no shape and is classified as a sestina, while the poem An American Pastime has...

109 views 2 pages ~ 297 words
Metadesign as a societal growth tool at the global and local levels

The use of metadesign as a tool for global and local societal developments, as well as the use of micro-utopias as a mea...

107 views 5 pages ~ 1298 words
Mother Teresa and Oprah Winfrey are compared.

Mother Teresa and Oprah Winfrey are two people who are well-known around the world for the work they have done in the pa...

141 views 2 pages ~ 444 words
Superman as a Greatest Superhero

Attention Getter: Who is the most liked and iconic superhero in America? Proposition of Fact: Everyone knows Superman, t...

258 views 2 pages ~ 290 words
The Handmaid'S Tale

In chapter 24, Offred decides to overlook her past which includes her old title because she wants to live in the current...

193 views 3 pages ~ 635 words
The life and human relations in The Last of the Mohicans, a novel by James Fennimore Cooper

The life and human relations in James Fennimore Cooper's novel The Last of the Mohicans are best portrayed when the them...

243 views 5 pages ~ 1145 words
The Utopian Exodus

The setting of a story in literature denotes the time and place depicted in the plot. The plot takes place in the town o...

250 views 7 pages ~ 1817 words
Dystopian art in the 20th century

Raymond Williams was a defender of the field of cultural studies. He contended that the portrayal of culture as social t...

229 views 4 pages ~ 1083 words
I decided to use Oedipus Tyrannus

I chose Oedipus Tyrannus for this essay because I wanted to demonstrate how Oedipus was portrayed as a hero but was real...

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