Jones Beach State Park experience

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To me, Jones Beach State Park resembles a small version of paradise. My last visit is still clearly in my memory, and I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful morning when my younger brother, Kevin, and I set out on what would unquestionably turn out to be the greatest day of my life. I felt a startling surge of exhilaration as soon as the sun's blazing rays penetrated through my chilly skin because it was out early. Everyone was grinning, and it appeared as though the birds knew it was going to be a nice day. Their voices were musical as they roamed all trying to claim the sky. It was those rare times that the fluffy clumps of clouds were in no sight and what stood out was the illumination of the shimmering blue sky. A brisk walk on the beach evoked my childhood memories of the times my parents brought me here. It was years since and emotions seemed to be magnified just like that of a newborn baby. It was time to let go all the stresses of school and life and enjoy the moment while it last. The rare smell of salty ocean had a tingling effect on my nose. Further, the sand was filled with multicolored ocean shells which made it seem like a mine of corals. It was an unusual sight and for a moment my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

A brisk walk on the sand made my heart throb like synchronized beats in a marching band. It was as if I could feel each and every grain as it flowed into the spaces between my toes. The best part is that the waves had sought of recognized my presence and I felt like they were singing me a dulcet lullaby. Evidently, I was overwhelmed by the vast sight of the ocean and for a moment I almost let tears flow down my smooth baby face. The emotional was similar to that of a long lost friend and I could feel that the ocean had recognized my presence and had spread its arms to embrace me. For a moment I had forgotten that swimming was one of the few skills I was yet to learn as I almost gave in to the soothing movement of the waves. However, the sheer frigidity of the waves pushed me back as I was in no mood to shiver like a bird that had missed its mother’s wing. It was evident that Kevin also shared the same sentiments as we both sat in synchrony as if we were ballet dancers. We stretched ourselves and let the sunshine its glamorous rays on us while it worked its way up the vividly blue sky.

The enormity of my emotions made me not notice that the beach was filling up quickly. People from all walks of life were out that day to enjoy the extraordinary gift that God had created. The faces lit up and it was as if there was competition on who best exposed their pearl white teeth. The brightly colored swimwear and bikinis were enough to rival the rainbow. With ice cream in one hand quickly melting as if it was seeking freedom, I stretched my skinny legs and slouched down on the beach platform. It was time to spy on everyone on the beach. The sight of children scooping up the featherlike sand and trying to mold it into different shapes made me recall of the wild imaginations that I had as a child. Even with adults, there is just a way that the beach made one be a kid again. It was evident as on one side there were a group of teenagers who were playing tag. I felt like joining them but Kevin being the lazy couch he is, I let the thought pass. It was as if Kevin had just come to spend an intimate time with the ocean as he rarely paid attention to people on the beach. I could see his eyes fixated on the waters and one would tell that he was having a one on one conversation with the ocean. Rather than interfere with his golden moment I opted to scan the surroundings alone. Mad balls were thrown in the air as people played soccer, football, volleyball and other varying ball games. Even the potbellied guys seemed very flexible and it was as if they were using the opportune moment to shed some calories. Sweat was dripping down people’s face; some opted to take a dive to cool off while others quickly reapplied sunscreens on their dehydrated red skins.

The ocean finally got the attention it longed for as more and more people got into the ocean. In return, the waves showed its appreciation by creating a huge wave that carried everyone safely back to the show. I couldn’t let this moment pass as I summed up the courage to walk into the ocean. The feeling was therapeutic and it was as if the water was tingling me in appreciation of my heroic actions. I was, however, cautions not to walk deeper despite my curiosity of trying to get as far I could. From afar I could see people enjoying their best times of their lives on jet skis racing as fast as lightning to the unending horizon. What if the ocean decides to unleash its fury and swallows them whole? What if sharks decide to make a meal of them? For a moment I felt concerned but soon disappeared as soon as I saw Kevin walking briskly towards me. He certainly wasn’t a better swimmer and all we could do was just splash the water. It seemed like eternity; one of those days one wishes would never end. However, I realized that the sun was getting tired and slowly struggling to its bed. One by one people began leaving after an eventful and tiring day; nonetheless, I could feel as if their hearts were smiling back at me. I felt that the beach was God’s way of bringing people closer. Those that remained got the best seat in the house as they enjoyed the spectacular view of the sun lazily setting. Such are rare moments that I have always wanted to have a firsthand experience. Finally, the reflections of the waves as the sun dipped into the horizon saluted me as if to appreciate my presence and wish me the best of luck in my future endeavors. We lazily walked home quietly reflecting on the good day it was. Sooner than later I will have to go back and relieve some of these memories.

June 19, 2023

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