It's A Wonderful Life

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The 1930s in "It's a Wonderful Life"

The film, "It's a Wonderful Life" is reflective of the 1930s. For instance, the movie is a depiction of how various town reacted when the country experienced stock market crashed.

George Bailey's Devotion

Majority of people in the United States of America were frantic. Everyone did not have money, but throughout the movie, George Bailey was more devoted and strong concerning everything that was taking place in the country. He was able to face the situation as it was and eventually continued with his own life.

World War I and the Bailey Family

Also, another accurate account of the 1930s was when the Harry Bailey decided to participate in the world war one, but eventually he did not make it. In this way, the movie explains how people were defeated during world war one.

Social Welfare and Inequality

Also, another issue being depicted in the movie which relates to 1930s is about social welfare. The movie preaches or illustrates the issue of social welfare, opposing many unfair issues that are happening in the country. The battle is between the common folks and the rich, the Bailey park together with the potter slums. It is also evident when Mary and George are assisting the immigrant Martini family in securing better homes. An indication or illustration on some of the challenges the majority of immigrants were experiencing in the country during the old days.

Challenges George is experiencing can be related to problems most people experienced during world war I. Some of the challenges include unrelenting suffering, individuals being subjected to the notions of the federal government conflict.

September 25, 2023


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