Jahar’s World

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, also identified as 'Jahar,' was arrested as the bomber after the 2013 incident where two explosive bombs were detonated during the Boston Marathon. Jahar detonated two identical explosives along with his associate, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, killing three people and injuring several others. Jahar said they were inspired by radical Islamist views as well as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq after he was found hiding in a cruise. Alleging no association with any militant organization, but behaving on his own, he appeared to be following the lead of his brother. Ranging from self-radicalization, different factors were attributed to the change of once good and well known young man, to the person who executed the bombings (Reitman 2013). This essay discuses cause of abnormality in Jahar’s behavior, factors that prevented Jahar from getting the much needed help, and also impact of stress in Jahar’s life and how it may have impacted his thinking behavior.

Criterion for Determining Jahar’s Abnormality Behavior

From the charming kid, he was, Jahar changed to the terrorist who participated in an outrageous act of detonating a bomb. This can only be explained by a change of behavior of the expected and normal among his peers and as a student to the monster he became is an indication of change in behavior. One of the primary criteria with reference for determining the abnormality of Jahar’s behavior is by evaluating and analyzing is school performance. Inconsistent tin his school work, tests and examination would a positive indication of deviation of Jahar from the normal and known behavior to the unwanted labeling of a bomber/monster. Other measures of unwanted behavior in the case of Jahar include unusualness, social deviance, emotional distress, maladaptive behavior or even dangerousness an occurrence that was hard to come by. According to the article, it was hard for Jahar’s friends to notice or even identify a wayward behavior connecting him to terrorism.

Jahar was a victim of his environment. He was surrounded by a family that was in turmoil, his sisters never completed school and would be married off. The occurrence and unfolding in his family left him in dire need of people he could trust and share his views and experiences. Nevertheless, he was a silent survivor of all the ‘dysfunctionality’ of his family, and his inside was being crushed by what was happening in his family. He chooses to be quiet and never show it. This can explain as to why Jahar had two personalities (Reitman 2013). One that was known by his friends, teachers, coaches and the larger community and the pother one, the one defined by pain and hurting from his family.

The sociological explanations is another criterion as to which the deviance and abnormality of Jahar could be determined. The sociological approach would focus on how Jahar social aspects contributed to his deviance actions. From inside, his mind can be said to be diseased. This can be attributed to the experiences Jahar went through, inappropriate teaching/learning from his brother not to mention the absence of an appropriate role model who would act as his mirror. The presence of his brother who at some point was regarded as a hero in the family, doesn’t make things easier for him, but rather it is the elder brother who lures him into the monstrous act.

Perspective Of Abnormal Behavior That Best Describes Jahar’s Thought Process And Behavior Leading Up To The Bombing Attack

With reference to the article, different perspectives can be attributed to Jahar’s thought process and behavior which contributed to the bombing act. One perspective is behavioral, which, according to the article, Jahar social life was defined by ineffective learning and conditioning in the hands of his elder brother. In addition, cognitive perspective also played a key role in defining the actions of Jahar. Jahar thoughts could have contributed to his act, at some point he was heard saying terrorism/9/11 act can be justified (Reitman 2013). His assumptions also played a role in determining his future actions which include the execution of the bombing act. With reference to cognitive perspective, Jahar is quoted at some point indicating that, ‘my religion is truth’ which indicates that, despite not knowing his devotion to Islamic teaching he was a stunt follower of Muslim and was following its teachings.

Factors Related To Jahar Not Getting Help for His Increasingly Disturbed Thinking

Changing from once a well behaved and positively regarded person amongst his peers and community at large, there is appears Jahar was under immense pressure and disturbed thinking. This can only explain as to the reason why he changed from the good person he was and gradually becoming the bomber. One of the major factors behind the reason as to why Jahar never got to get help with regard to his disturbed thinking is the positive image he created among the people lose to him and the community he lived in (Reitman 2013). At some point in the article, it is stated that, he was a boy who glided with life displaying no signs of deviating or anger. He also showed no radical political ideologies or deeply felt religious belief.

Connection between Stresses in Jahar’s Life and How It May Have Affected His Thinking and Behavior

From his appearance Jahar looked to be destined for the best in life. Nevertheless, his life had varying ups and downs which resulted in series of stressing issues. For example, the inability of his family to hold together hurt him from inside. Despite his normal display amongst his friends, teachers and coaches, Jahar was stressed, and following his brothers lead, resulted in terrorism as a comfort. As a result of stress, Jahar thinking was more directed towards a revenge mission, reading jihadist literature a move that catalyzed his participation in his brother’s cause. Despite his effort to focus on school and his career in engineering, wrestling among others, Jahar is distracted from the main course and in turn joining his brother in bombing. Diverting his focus on school was career was his adopted coping strategy, but this never worked for him.

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Reitman, Janet. “Jahar: The Making of a Monster.” Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone, 17 July 2013, www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/jahars-world-20130717. Accessed 2 Oct. 2017.

August 09, 2021

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