John Francis Kelly

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John F. Kelly: A Leader with Multiple Facets

John F. Kelly is the President of the United States' Chief of Staff. Prior to his new role, Kelly worked in the same capacity for the United States Homeland Security. He has been an administrator for many years and is, therefore, a well-known leader. Kelly can be characterized as a democratic, strategic, team member, facilitator, and transformational leader. Kelly's democratic leadership style is evident as White House Chief of Staff as he engages his colleagues in crucial decisions (Lindsay-Poland 182). Despite having the final say, the Chief of Staff follows proper contact procedures in order to establish a professional relationship with his subordinates. Kelly delegates his authority to other employees under him so that they can handle work projects. His position makes him the head of labor in the White House, and therefore he is a strategic leader (Kirby 2). Through strategic thinking, Kelly organizes the staff members to have high performing and efficient team. He provides well-defined protocols that guide the staff members in the execution of their duties.

Kelly: A Leader with a Strong Sense of Teamwork

Kelly is a team leader since he has been a United States Marine Corps for approximately 40 years. Also, he is a team player since he worked as the Secretary of Homeland Security where he led his team to crack down illegal migrants. Further, his John Kelly is a facilitative leader who helps his team achieve efficiency in running various procedures (Wear 13). Besides, Kelly monitors his staff and provides suggestions and possible solutions to them to ensure that they remain focused on their job. He is also a visionary leader who evaluates the performance and efficiency of his team and designs corrective measures to ensure they remain on track.

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December 15, 2022

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