Johnson Family Policy

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Children have a right to privacy on issues regarding sexting.

1. Overview

The Johnson Family has set its commitments to protecting its members, close relatives, and family friends from any illegal and damaging actions by the individuals either consciously or unconsciously. When they take into consideration all the measures set in place, it will protect the future generations from the emotional, sociological, and the psychological harm.

The Johnson Family will not put up with any unethical online behavior at all time. They will take the necessary precautions and measures to act promptly and correct any misdeeds that arise. The Johnson family regards highly both personal respect and good conduct to oneself and towards others. The grown up adults specifically have to take charge and guide the younger generations on how to behave accordingly.

2. Purpose

The main purpose of the policy is to establish a novel culture that sets guidelines on the use of the Internet. It will thus serve as a gateway for the open interactions between the teenagers and their parents. With the increasing exposure to the Internet, there is need to practice honesty, openness, and boldness while having a conversation of the issues such as sexting (Amenyah, 2016). In this way, parents will have the best chance to protect their kids from the risk involved. The policy will also set guidelines for the children to abide by to ensure that they deviate from any unethical conduct. All the family members and close relatives should review the aforementioned document to ensure the collectiveness in keeping the future generations of the Johnsons’ safe. The policy will also be a point of reference to various organizations running networking sites, so that they create a site with more upgraded privacy settings.

3. Scope

The policy applies to the parents, the children, friends, relatives, and the domestic workers in the Johnson Family.

4. Policy

4.1 Parents’ Responsibilities

4.1.1 All parents from the Johnson Family should take charge to guarantee that their children’s online content is safe from the harmful invasion. They should show responsibility in eliminating any vulnerability that might be used as a weapon to deliberately harm their kids.

4.1.2 Parents should be at the forefront in adopting the best ethical behaviors such as honesty, equality, and openness. In this way, they set a prime example to the children and provide an environment where they all have an equal right of representation in all matters. Consequently, it becomes easier for the youngsters to open up and discuss issues that affect their social lives. While sexting will be among such issues, they can easily let in the parent whose purpose is to offer guidelines for a better living.

4.1.3 Parents should also intervene and oversee the collection and use of personal information on the social sites. Such measure will ensure that the children’s practices adhere to the various laws such as the Protection of Children Act of 1978 ((The National Archives, 1978).

4.2  Children’s Responsibilities

4.2.1 Children have the responsibility to respect others and observe all the guidelines provided by their parents. While the Protection of Children Act regulation details on the rights of a child regarding privacy, there is need for the youngsters to understand the law and see to its application (The National Archives, 1978).

4.2.2 Every child at the Johnson Family should work hard to maintain the best ethical behavior. Such measure may also take into consideration using electronic gadgets and interacting with close or distant friends online.

4.2.3 The children should interact with each other well. They should never regroup according to their abilities and talents to avoid any form of segregation in the family. Instead, all children should feel loved and have a sense of belonging to the family regardless of their academic performance or abilities.

4.2.4 While children are empowered to know their rights, they should respect their elders and one another at all times. They should always abide by the Johnson Family guidelines and policies while relating to other members.

4.3 Awareness

4.3.1 All the senior members of the Johnson Family bear the responsibility to create the awareness of the dangers associated with sexting. While having an open discussion helps a great deal, issuing warnings serves a major purpose to put at bay possible risky behavior among the teenagers.

4.3.2 There is need to monitor the children’s online activity, point out, and eliminate possible dangers. In addition, constant reminders in the family are necessary that the youngsters should avoid extensive sharing of the personal information, the photographs, and the videos.

4.3.3 The young members of the Johnson Family have the right to know that any content that they post online might affect their reputation and influence their career outcome in the future. While they might be too young to control the outcome, the parents should bear the full responsibility and avoid such occurrence.

4.4 Maintenance

4.4.1 In order to maintain the children’s privacy policy, the Johnson Family should power down electronic gadgets at specifics times of day and night. Such moments should be used to shut off the devices and recharge for later use.

4.4.2 It is also necessary to limit the amount of data or texts a child can use per day. As a result, there will be limited time to use the phones for sexting, as they will prioritize on the most important conversations.

4.4.3 The parents should always be updated of the children’s technology use trend. For instance, they might utilize the monitoring software to access all the accounts from one place.

4.4.4 In case of a mistake made, all the members should see it as an opportunity to learn and pick the best lessons for future endeavors.

4.5  Specific Unethical Behaviors

4.5.1 Children under the age of 18 should not share inappropriate content in form of pictures, videos, or information about themselves (NSPCC, 2018).

4.5.2 The Johnson family will not tolerate the mistreatment, harassment, and the disrespect of others. All actions and communications among the children and adults should reflect mutual respect and understanding.

4.5.3 While parents should oversee their children’s online activities, they should do so in accordance with various privacy regulations. Still, the victims should be made aware of such developments at all times.

4.5.4 The Johnson family will try to keep its family affairs discrete. In case of any incidences, the members should keep off the temptation of sharing the family secrets with friends.

5. Sanctions

The Johnson family should work hard to enforce the child’s privacy policy. All members should work together to enforce the regulations set and cultivate a positive outcome. People who go against the policy should have to face penalties to serve as example to others. For instance, children who use their gadgets to share questionable content will go for a month without their phones and other devices that they use to make contact with their friends.


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