Justice in Society

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There is a need for fair treatment of citizens in all cultures, regardless of their economic status. Every person is entitled to different privileges and rights to ensure that people in a group coexist peacefully. Different organisations, arguably, have arisen to campaign for the interests of disadvantaged people in society. It is apparent in most societies that certain individuals discriminate against those who are considered in society to be voiceless. The rise of such incidences has contributed to the creation of civil societies and organisations to campaign for community inclusion. In particular, the advocacy strategy is rapidly gaining traction, as its key goal is to bring social justice to society. It is imperative for people to appreciate and understand the importance of advocacy in the delivery of social justice. To ensure that the community understands the relevance of social justice, both national and international bodies strive to establish the practice of public career engagements, awareness and mutual fairness into the protocol of ethics. Therefore, the link between the social justice campaigns and social equity can be illustrated by the continuous social workers’ campaign for just and equal access to public services and resources. Social workers strive to confront the existing inequity that negatively influences the disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the society.

Notably, advocacy is a developmental process that is employed to help in resolving various emerging problems. Therefore, it fits the generic version of communal work. Some scholars have investigated the existing relationships between advocacy and collective justice in different societies. Arguably, social justice is a fundamental value in career ethics. The investigations conducted by the scholars have revealed that there is significant contribution through support techniques for challenging social inequities. The primary objective for the social workers to undertake advocacy is to encourage the existence of social justice.

It is imperative for social employees, just like other people in the society, to acknowledge and protect the psychological, physical, emotional integrity and safety of every individual in the society. Notably, distributive justice primarily advocates for anti-oppression and explains the need for economic fairness. Arguably, economic fairness is essential as it ensures that the living standards of the people progressively increase. There is need to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in a community. Ethically, social work is underpinned on the value for inherent worth of all individuals regardless of their status in the society.

Just like other people from different professional backgrounds, social workers are expected to be mindful of the self-determination rights. In any society, there is a need for promotion and admiration accorded to the people’s rights by making their choices and decisions. Additionally, social workers are responsible for ensuring that they foster widespread participation and awareness of the society through their services that establish means that enable them to get motivated in various ways of decision making and actions. Arguably, it is the responsibility of the social employees to ensure that there is equality among people in terms of service delivery and resources allocation. They should provide means to acknowledge all aspects of the life of a person. The determination and development of strengths enable social workers to aim at the powers of all individuals, parties, and society, and hence, foster their liberation.

Notably, social workers are encouraged to facilitate social justice in association with the community as well as their colleagues. Therefore, confrontation of critical prejudices should be a requirement to deal with negative discrimination by attributes such as gender, culture, socioeconomic and standards. Arguably, acceptance of diversity among social employees should appreciate and regard culture and ethnic heterogeneity of the societies which they operate through taking into account of an individual, family, group and societal disparities. Besides, campaigns against unjust practices, inequalities, social ills are among the duties of social workers. Such responsibilities of the community workers ensure that they develop the focus for their respective employers, the general public and policy makers in situations where there is unfair distribution of resources and harsh treatments.

Essentially, there are various strengths and faults that social workers experience while executing their daily activities. Social workers experience a change in their respective lifestyles. Additionally, they are bound to excel in the activities that they perform. Following the social employees’ solidarity, they enjoy emotions of empathy and empowerment. Arguably, there is improper marketing and attention given to the activities of the workers. Besides, there are limited funds allocated to the groups that in turn affect the operation of the enterprise. Additionally, there is lack of credible appraisal and acknowledgment of the employees.

In conclusion, advocacy is connected to the aspect of the generality of the practice of social employees. The workers can participate in different campaigns to sensitize people on some issues of concern, for instance, human rights. Arguably, social duty is a global career. Therefore, challenges emerging as a result of globalization increases social predicaments. Social work connects people responsible for resolving various problems that affect the society members.

August 09, 2021

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