Essays on Philosophical Theories

When you have to write a Philosophical Theories essay, you will deal with the three major areas that include ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics. All of them are quite extensive, which is why you must narrow down your topic, or your essay risks becoming too large and complex. Have a look at our essay samples on Philosophical Theories that will explore various courses. It will help you to pick something that will be best suited to your course and the original assignment. In either case, these essays on Philosophical Theories are also useful in terms of format and style, which will mostly remain the same as you have to compose your college paper. Regardless if you must use APA or MLA, explore Bibliography pages as well.

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87 views 11 pages ~ 2912 words
Normative Ethics and Virtue Ethics

Normative ethics provide a basis for moral evaluation based on the motives, character, intention, actual actions, featur...

250 views 5 pages ~ 1331 words
The Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment? By Immanuel Kant

Initial Reaction: The essay made by Immanuel Kant is very insightful as it makes us realize that a lot of times, our act...

121 views 4 pages ~ 894 words
The Relationship Between Nationalism and Globalization

In the 20th century, the system of nationalism which was developed to promote the social, political and economic interes...

127 views 4 pages ~ 928 words
The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King: Apostle of Militant Nonviolence by James A. Colaiaco was written in 1988. The book provides details ...

129 views 2 pages ~ 373 words
the modern day fire service Research Essay

Fire Chiefs in the modern fire service must deal with a wide range of issues that make managing emergency response servi...

223 views 5 pages ~ 1105 words
Hard Times, Charles Dickens Essay

Coketown, an industrial community in Northern England, serves as the setting for the book Hard Times. Through characters...

128 views 5 pages ~ 1221 words

The Renaissance marked the beginning of the nation-state in Europe. Freedom and enlightenment characterized this time er...

237 views 12 pages ~ 3030 words
The Functions of Music in African Culture

Despite what is perceived as an intrusion from the west, Africa has and continues to be influenced by its culture. Due t...

200 views 6 pages ~ 1479 words
The American Civil war and Reconstruction period

The 17-year era between 1961 and 1977 known as the American Civil War and Reconstruction was difficult and influential f...

231 views 11 pages ~ 2868 words
The Role of Nationalism and Ottoman Empire

Why are the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the significance of nationalism prior to World War One the subject of so ...

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