Essays on Philosophical Theories

When you have to write a Philosophical Theories essay, you will deal with the three major areas that include ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics. All of them are quite extensive, which is why you must narrow down your topic, or your essay risks becoming too large and complex. Have a look at our essay samples on Philosophical Theories that will explore various courses. It will help you to pick something that will be best suited to your course and the original assignment. In either case, these essays on Philosophical Theories are also useful in terms of format and style, which will mostly remain the same as you have to compose your college paper. Regardless if you must use APA or MLA, explore Bibliography pages as well.

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79 views 4 pages ~ 941 words
Ethics of Care and Feminist Thought

Feminism can be seen as a means of shifting gender and perceptions that women lead to the low rank of women in society i...

289 views 3 pages ~ 611 words
Irish Nationalism, Keats and Dubliners

Literature and literature review is a fundamental component of culture, and it has long served as a vital medium for aca...

158 views 4 pages ~ 826 words
Justice in Society

There is a need for fair treatment of citizens in all cultures, regardless of their economic status. Every person is ent...

201 views 6 pages ~ 1604 words
The American Enlightenment

The American Enlightenment was a time of cultural reform in America that was ushered in by philosophical thinkers who ap...

191 views 4 pages ~ 1046 words
The Evil Problem

The problem of evil is a philosophical question about how evil's existence can be reconciled with the existence of a God...

87 views 3 pages ~ 763 words
Analysis of "The Stranger" by Albert Camus

Albert Camus' novel The Stranger is characterized by the philosophy of the absurd and existentialism. Part one of the no...

130 views 2 pages ~ 443 words
Crane and Faulkner Use of Suspense Comparison

Most of the tales by Stephen Crane incorporate suspense by leaving out indispensable details that the reader craves to k...

77 views 5 pages ~ 1311 words
Rhetorical Analysis of the Scarlet Letter

The struggle between conformity and individuality is highlighted in The Scarlet Letter. Since the Puritan government has...

278 views 7 pages ~ 1708 words
Underground Novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The Note from Underground Literature is the first person to narrate or confess a hyper-conscious, hateful man who lived ...

144 views 4 pages ~ 1044 words
Viktor Frankl’s Writing in Man's Search for Meaning

The main subject in Frankl's prose is existentialism. From the point of view of the protagonist, if one wants to survive...

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