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290 views 7 pages ~ 1917 words
Past, Present and Future of Border Security

The security of the US frontier has faced significant difficulties over the past few decades, particularly as a result o...

153 views 5 pages ~ 1303 words
Gangs Research Essay

Gangs have been around in the US since the 1800s, so they are not new. With the influx of immigrants from various backgr...

187 views 5 pages ~ 1172 words
The immigration into the United States

There have been four phases of immigration to the United States. Protestant immigrants from North Western Europe made up...

79 views 5 pages ~ 1239 words
John Ibrahim Essay

African American John Ibrahim immigrated to America in the fifteenth century. Indian explorers were initially the ones t...

184 views 3 pages ~ 681 words
Examples supporting the claim that colonists came to America for its economic opportunity and religious freedom

People move around and settle down because they are looking for better pastures. People arrived in America during the 16...

68 views 9 pages ~ 2328 words
Canada Migrations During the Vietnam War

During the conflict against Vietnam, emigration reached its highest point in American history. People did immigrate to C...

248 views 7 pages ~ 1679 words

Beginning with the first major European settlements from around 1600, the historical context of immigration to the Unite...

180 views 3 pages ~ 757 words
The mass migration of African-Americans

Unjustly underappreciated flight of African-Americans from the South to the North and the Midwest to the West of the Uni...

106 views 13 pages ~ 3374 words
The immigration policy Essay

In the US, the immigration policy is a crucial law. Many immigrants come to the United States from war-torn countries li...

133 views 6 pages ~ 1437 words
The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez

The Book of the Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez is a novel that aims to highlight the suffering of Americans. Pe...

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