Immigration or DACA

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The History of Immigration

The history of the United States shows that immigration is a contentious subject. Both the conservative and liberal movements around the nation have presented various arguments. The Newsweek publication supports the views of the liberal political side, in contrast to the National Review, which largely reflects the viewpoints of Americans on the right. On the subject of immigration, the National Review's conventional stance, which represents conservative thought, is in favor of the GOP's goal of enforcing the strictest regulations on individuals attempting to enter the country (Ashbee 75). According to various articles on that have appeared on the National review, little restrictions on the flow of people to the USA negatively impacts many domestic resources which should be primarily be used by the citizens of America. Free movement of people puts the strain on the healthcare system, reduced opportunities for the kids who are born of American parents. Again, the proponents of tightening the rules on immigration argue that allowing more people into the United States would result in reduced job opportunities for the citizens (Wright etal., 229).

Differing Perspectives

On the contrary, Newsweek commentaries see the issue of immigration from an opposing angle. The liberal Americans opine that free flow of good is complimentary with free flow of goods in an open market like that US. If the United States government expects unrestricted access to economically empowering products from other countries it should allow free movement of people. The immigrants also play a significant role in the provision of unskilled labor in the farms and factories that America cannot afford to lose.

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March 23, 2023
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