Justification to the existence of God

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That is the most difficult world to envisage with a genuine universe. We live in a universe governed by scientific facts and where natural laws govern numerous events (Abbott, Joshua 25). To prove the beginning of the universe, scientific facts and mythologies have been established, yet none can provide a comprehensive answer. Scientists have opinions and facts, but they rely on many assumptions to support them (30). We can only be certain of a few scientific events on Earth, but the universe appears to be endless. Most people hardly take time to think about the world we live but just leave the question to supernatural beings imagined to exist before humans (40). With most religions providing facts as regards to these people, many have been made to believe in them and avoid scientific questioning of the universe. Philosophers, classical, and modern scientist have developed theories in trying to understand the mystery behind the world we live. The perfect style that the universe underwent creation of makes many people believe in a supernatural wise being responsible (49).

The imagined images of God and other heavenly beings may be perceived as unrealistic but can be classified as definite and worth to justify human emotions and volitions. Since nobody can give a concrete proof judgment is based on the standard belief of a society purporting such beliefs. Ideas result from reality and get aimed at solving some fundamental issues that disturb humanity. In generating any concept, rational judgment gets applied so that the solution can match the expected results. Ideas come from within us but inspired by the natural events and challenges we undergo in our daily lives. Inventions are designed to work according to scientific law. There is a great connection between our mind, perceptions, and nature. The ideas generated from our mind ends up using natural objects to construct materials that help us efficiently coexist with nature. Anything created from the mind starts as an image originating from what we see (Descartes, Rene & Ray 13).

Living in a real world, the idea of a supreme God keeps striking upon the mind of many. With little scientific knowledge as to the age of the universe, the being of nature must have the same characteristic as the universe. He is infinite, omniscient, omnipotent and creator of everything except for himself. In this sense, he must have existed before everything came to be. With the idea that God is responsible for the creation, reality argues that everything has an origin but the supernatural being seems to have existed for an infinite period. Where did he originate? Most of regarding nature may not get answered by natural facts, thus creates a religion to give solutions. While the cause of something should contain reality as its effect, God cannot be defined scientifically. It makes a lot of sense to many people that a belief in a supernatural being is essential in solving endless questions about the world we live. They are many unanswered questions in the social, economic and political environment. Most religions in the world believe that the supernatural beings adored by people have answers to all mysteries (Descartes et al.34). They are sturdy than people although they have senses and ability to think excellently beyond human capacity. Reality can only arise from fact itself hence giving origin to everything that exists in the universe. The difficult question is to establish the source of God.

Apart from the world of reality, nature seems to have other facts not visible and comprehensible by humanity. It is in this school of thought that supernatural beings such as gods, angels, Satan, God, witchcraft, and magic exist. It is fascinating that when people die, it is impossible to bring them back to life despite technological development in resuscitation. In such a circumstance it becomes hard to understand death. When an idea cannot transform into a constructive reality, it makes little sense. It is difficult to comprehend the supremely powerful being and the universe that we exist. Nature is self-sustaining and the more the challenges that come from it, solutions can be obtained (35). We make computers and other sophisticated machines from elements that are naturally available. It is through using our skills and mental capability endowed in us that makes it easy to assemble such devices.

There is no proof regarding the existence of God but we cannot disproof his presence. It is a fascinating imagination that is realistic and can never be ignored by any rational being. Man is born out of a woman. He grows up to become an adult with the ability to think and generate transformative ideas. The idea of God seems to be inherent, and the existing beliefs just supplement knowledge and argument of existence. The attributes of God are inseparable and defines him as perfect. There are millions of universal laws describing how events relate and how they interdepend on each other. These facts form the scientific basis of arguments and have helped in innovations in a bid to solve our daily challenges. Our parents cannot explain the reason as to our existence neither can they guarantee our future. During conception, it was hard to determine our gender but had to wait for natural processes to define us. When we reach a point of utter helplessness, we often get strength from an inside conviction guaranteeing us hope. The inner power represents God who exists in a way that science cannot comprehend either imagine (36).

The idea of God is not developed from senses of hearing and touching but comes naturally. Both the design of self-existence and God is innate among people. The human race must have originated from a human species. This idea about God must have been launched and stamped by God during creation. No matter how we would like to alienate ourselves from the concept of supernatural beings, they keep on recurring forcing an endless debate. Man is always incomplete and dependent on something else for courage and aspirations. This idea justifies the existence of God who has no defect and can achieve exceedingly better than humans. Defining life is the most difficult thing for every scientist; nobody can explain its source and its destiny in case of death. This assumption is a clear indication that life originates from God who lives to sustain it in a way not comprehensible by humans.

The faculty of judgment bestowed upon humans is a clear indication God has given independence to humans to relate scientifically to nature and avoid error. The perfect being has also given us the capacity to make the mistakes to distinguish between what is correct and wrong. The kind of human being is between God and nothingness. While God is a supremely perfect vacuum is far from all perfection. Source of error arises from the fact that human beings strive for a broad scope beyond their level of intellect. The fundamental question regarding existence disregards and contrasts the reality of existing. It is hard to imagine that if God does not exist, the universe should also not exist but because it is a reality we live God even exists. The inside conviction of spiritual existence is an idea of corporeal nature among human beings. Lack of perceiving the truth suspends individual judgment ability and freedom to reason. Freedom to make an independent judgment is vested naturally and can only be misused by humans in case they do not use it wisely. Thinking about the supernatural world is not a mistake but emanates from subjective opinions and ideas on matters that we cannot comprehend. Such thoughts disturb everyone, and we cannot avoid them as long as we exist as mortal beings. It is only death that can separate us with such ideas and opinions regarding the spiritual existence of supernatural powers (37).

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May 17, 2023


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