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The Weather Conditions

The temperature in the air was 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperature in the sea was 17 degrees Celsius. The cloud cover was 40%, with a wind speed of 7 miles per hour coming from the northwest.

Exploring Marine Science

This is the first time I've taken a Marine Science class since starting school. It is a fascinating topic that is both thrilling and relaxing for students. We learned how to set up the oyster packets for the lab on the first day. The aim is to have the oysters in the water and test it over several months to try and understand how the oysters manage to clean the water by removing nitrogen, accelerating denitrification, enhancing water clarity, promoting the survival of eelgrass and providing suitable habitat for many small fish and crustaceans. We are using a wire mesh basket that is secured to a dock from where the data for both water and oysters can be recorded. They are kept close to the surface of the water to maximize exposure to plankton and oxygen for optimal growth.

Measuring Water Quality

Before the oyster packs are set up, there is a need to measure the quality of the water and record the data. The data collected on surface water showed its salinity was 14.40, temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, with a northwest wind that blew at a speed of 7 miles per hour. The next step was to try finding a dolphin. However, we were unfortunate not to spot any dolphin for the period we were there for the class. We hope to see at least one dolphin when we go back next time.

Setting up an Aquaria

The final activity was setting up an aquarium. We learned the process of setting up the aquarium theoretically on such things as methods, materials needed, the data table, appropriate tank size, volume of water needed, the water source, and water quality among other things. It involves careful selection of a non-leaking tank, aquarium filter, aquarium gravel, replacement filter media, and aquarium. First, the tank is cleaned and it is ensured there is no dust inside. The cleaned gravel is then gently put into the bottom of the aquarium. This is to ensure that the bottom of the glass is not damaged. The last step is filling the tank with water and the recording of data can begin in the second week. The collected data in the second week on the water quality of the individual aquarium showed its temperature at 23.3 degrees Celsius, salinity of 34.4, a pH of 8.1, dissolved oxygen at 96.7 DO per cent, ammonia at 0 PPM, nitrate at 0 PPM, and nitrite at 0 PPM. The data will be collected every week.


The best lesson from this class is how to closely relate with nature while respecting and protecting it. Most often we are indoors either in classrooms or offices with little time spent interacting and getting to enjoy nature. This is the common scenario for students studying computer science. Through this class, I have an opportunity to learn more about nature and the world around me, and share the great experience with my family and friends. I will also use the chance to educate others about nature and its benefits in an effort to win them into respecting and protecting nature as they enjoy it.

December 08, 2022


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