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People's Perception of Time

People use various time languages to communicate with one another all over the world. Every nation has a different interpretation of time, because each country perceives it differently. In the United States, a pause in providing a response or communicating can be the product of a technological error, a postponement due to an overload, or bad management in the company or organisation. Much of the time, people dismiss these explanations and conclude that their issue or company is being treated as a low priority. In other nations, a comparable pause would have a very different context and interpretation. Some countries would give time in making a decision due to its importance or to avoid having an unpleasant situation (Hall, 1960). The language of time is relevant because of the different cultures around the world that make me people have divergent views. A look at the Arab East they give priority to close relatives when it comes to the time taken to have something done.

Importance of Understanding Different Cultures

The silent language gives importance to understanding different social, cultural and economic differences of other foreign countries when one decides to do business outside their country. In some countries giving deadlines is being too demanding and giving unnecessary pressure while a country like America views it as a way of showing the urgency of the matter. For one to be able to be diverse and better understand leadership, one needs to have a good understanding of the different global cultures. Through the understanding of different global cultures, you get to know how businesses are done in that country. One needs to get to know the people they are doing business with and vice versa. One important aspect to remember is that cultures are different and so is the meaning of time, space, things, friendship, and agreements. Thus, the importance of learning and having a broad knowledge of the country one wants to do business with and be able to get positive feedback.


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January 05, 2023

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