Leadership in a small business

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In the modern business environment, this kind of leadership has all but disappeared. The goal is for several employees to function efficiently without having their managers around constantly (Nelson and Quick, 2011). However, others would argue that the authoritarian technique is still effective now, just as it was in feudal Europe.

John Rockefeller, the creator of Standard Oil, is an example of this.


As a matter of priority, authoritarian leadership styles are saving people who efficiently follow precise instructions from a boss who is aware of what employees do and why their jobs are important.


Autocratic rule can be depressing, oppressive, and suffocating at its worst.

Laissez-Faire Management

This leadership style is the mainly hand-off with negligible direction besides face period from the boss to the employees (Nelson and Quick, 2011). The basic to applying this technique is having sound efficient and trained managers who are capable of working as mediators between boss and workers.

Example of laissez-Faire Leadership is Investor and Business Magnate Warren Buffet and Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson


The laissez-Faire Leadership enables staffs t have innovative freedom and start their task independence (Griffin, 2012). In addition, the style is also great for preparing prospect leaders.


Each team member or employee who needs further direction may be at losses. I addition, efficiency can suffer if the front-runner fails instilling a stronger accountability sense among his employees.


Frequently termed as the democratic style of leadership. This is a leadership style that values the team members’ input besides peers, however the duty of making the last decisions rest with the participative front-runner. Democratic leadership lifts staff morale since workforces make contribution on the process of making decision (Griffin, 2012).

Example of democratic leader is Dr. William Mayo the founder of Mayo Clinic


Workforces often feel valued and heard (Northouse, 2015). Employees believe their ideas and decisions have equivalent weights to everybody else


The team members who are not experienced may have a feeling of not getting sufficient guidance on particular tasks

I will consider democratic leadership style since it allows everyone to participate in decision making.


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February 14, 2023


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