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An action plan is a detailed plan that outlines the correct course of action which will enable one to meet the set goals and objectives.  The paper into details discusses the action plan designed by the fresh college graduate for their skills in securing a graduate position in the job market.

     The action plan on skills are categorized into three skills required to secure a graduate position such as entrepreneurial skills, personal impact one has to the organization, problem-solving skills and also leadership ability. (Garnett, Szabo and Dutson, 2011, pg. 45).Skill table: Action plan

Skill table 1


Leadership skill


Leadership skills can be viewed as practical skills encompassing ability of an individual in guiding and leading a group of people within an organization or institution.


Leadership skills is considered key factor for successful guidance for a leader. The skill is beneficial for a graduate in the job market since it is advantageous to the individual as one may be required to lead and guide other member like in field work to achieve the set project objectives.

The skills also helps the leader in doing right things as required by the organization`s policies. (Renz, 2016, pg. 44).

Leadership skill improves listening and communication skill of a leader. This is a requirement forma good leader so as to get to understand all members of the organization and develop better way or tone in communicating with the staff one leads.

Development actions

 Development actions in leadership skills require one to take more the projects where he will more often interact with another group member thus boosting the leading skills due to regular handling of the project as discussed by (McCaffery, 2018, pg. 567).

One can also develop leadership skills through continuous learning of the leadership requirements and duties so as to perfect his/her leading skills, thus becoming a good leader with the full understanding of leadership requirements. (Goetsch and Davis, 2014, pg. 31).

A good leader is always discipline to members they lead and to everyone in the organization. Discipline is an art where one treats and handles other with dignity and respect and therefore practicing discipline by leaders improve their leadership skills.

Implementation of leadership skills

Leading by example is a better and more motivating implementation of the leadership skills a leader has. This is possible by a leader personal getting into actions to ensure the group members understand how things should be done by being an example to the group. It makes the group members feel that they are not forced to perform certain task since their boss has shown them or joined them in the course of performing delegated duties by their leader.

According to (Oshagbemi, 2017, pg. 44), he argued that as a leader, one should ensure that all scheduled activities are done appropriately as a way of implementing their leadership skills of getting the thing done in time. This is done through delegation of duties to the staff one is leading and supervising hoe the work process is going on.

Skill table 2


Problem solving skills


Problem-solving skill is an art of finding solutions to complex or complicated situations in an organization. This may include conflicts within the organization, financial crisis or production related problems which requires the attention of the leader of the group for a smooth running of other related activities. With a leader possessing such skill, they will be able to define and find the possible course of action for the problem.


Problem solving skills is advantageous to the graduates seeking employment since most of the firms or organizations are faced by various management problem both within and outside the organization thereby a well-equipped employ with refined skills in solving the organizational problem will be required by the shareholders of that particular organization in order to provide the quick solution to the problems a firm may experiencing in its operations. (Scarborough, 2016, pg. 211).

Therefore graduates should have problem-solving skills in order to be marketable in the current job markets.

Development actions

As a problem solver, one needs to participate in yoga games so as to boost problem-solving skills. According to (Weiss and Tappen 2014, pg. 561), powerful body movements, breathing, and meditation during the yoga practices will aid in boosting problem-solving skills since it involves different organs of the body in thinking during meditation process.

Using mind maps and charts assist in visualizing the problem and focusing on the possible can help the mind to increase the capacity to creatively and critically think and gives more ideas for the solution. It can be done by drawing a mind map and centralizing the problem in a way that solutions possible will be included as branches. (Ginter, Duncan, and Swayne, 2018, pg. 511).  


In problem-solving, one has to define the problem thus helps to deal with the real problem within the organization. Problem definition will help in drawing the solution for the specific cause of the problem in question.

Alternatives solutions for the problem is required in solving the problem, thus in case of the failure of other solutions then the alternate set solution will be applied.

Evaluation of the alternatives solution to the problem will give the problem solver a wide choice of the solution to implement thus after they will be able to select the best alternative which fit the problem raised.

Implementation of the solution is the last step in problem-solving action so as to test on the validity of the solution provided by the expert. This step will dictate the type of action to be taken by the organization as a solution to the prevailing situation in the organization.


Skill table 3


Entrepreneurial drive


Entrepreneurial drive is a characteristic tendency that thrives within an individual whom seemingly can stretches their effort to the very limit to make something done or to achieve their goals. Such skills are within the graduates in the job market as most of the employers will base their requirement on such skills.


According to (Garnett, Szabo and Dutson, 2011, pg. 444), graduates with entrepreneurial drives stand better chance of being absorbed in the current job structure following their unique skill of entrepreneurship which lacks in good number of employees, this because they have got the ability to make thing done and achieves better result despite the prevailing condition they are faced with. They are able to stretch theirs in efforts in achieving set organization`s goals up to the very limit just to get the thing done accordingly.

The drive is also beneficial to the individual as one can voluntarily decide to start his own business as he has all the necessary entrepreneurship skills for running a firm or business, thus creating job opportunities to some of the graduates.

Development actions

Financial management by the individual in the entrepreneurial market is very important since it is a basic of running own company by understanding the basic cash flows, profits, and loss in the financial sector. In the case where one decides to run a own business, financial management skill will lead to the success of the business due to the full understanding of internal cash flows, loss and profits in the business and ability to handle finances in case of emergencies in the business.

Every entrepreneur has to learning how to stick with the challenges with the business. This helps in formulation of Financial management by the individual in the entrepreneurial market is very important since it is a basic of running own company by understanding the basic cash flows, profits, and loss in the financial sector. In the case where one decides to run a own business, financial management skill will lead to the success of the business due to the full understanding of internal cash flows, loss and profits in the business and ability to handle finances in case of emergencies in the business.

Every entrepreneur has to learn how to stick with the challenges with the business. This helps in the formulation of different solutions to counteract the challenges for the better of the business. These activities will improve the success of the business due better and modernized action plans the owner will formulate combat the challenges in the business.

Taking a different path relates to the creativity since one has to see the opportunities and gaps in the market structure and finds the best business idea to fill in the gaps in the market gaps. It will help to identify market gaps for the organization and suggests for the better investment for the organization to venture in order to fill such gaps thus positively influencing the company’s decisions on investments. (Cramer, 2017, pg. 231).

Practicing on the communication skills will enable the graduate job seekers to able to communicate their entrepreneurial skills  in the organization effectively and learn how to communicate with others within the organization as a way to help one build his entrepreneurial skills in the organization for the better of organization and individual since there will be a team of entrepreneur working together by sharing of beneficial entrepreneurial ideas and identify market gaps and business opportunities  in the existing market structure. (Doppelt, 2017, pg. 211)


Entrepreneurial skills and ideas can be collectively implemented through working as a team in an organization where every member will have a platform to explain his ideas and practice the skills towards meeting the company`s set goals. The platform will aid in the implementation of such ideas as the stakeholders and management will try to adapt to the changing market structures thus putting such ideas and suggestions presented by the entrepreneurial team in use so as to fairly compete with other firms in the market.



     Action plan for graduate job seekers in the current job market is very important since employers are looking for workers with unique skills in management and leading the group, therefore as a graduate, you need to acquire some of the skills listed above in the action plan to enable you to fit in the changing job markets as it will be added qualifications to be absorbed in the job market.

     These skills will not only be useful while seeking the job but in cases whereby one may want to run own business, these skills will be useful, for instance in entrepreneurial skill, communication skills, leadership, and other skills will contribute to the business success. Therefore graduates are required to develop such skills to better their position in the job market and also to be able to create more job opportunities in the country which will positively impact the economic development of the country as it reduces the unemployment rate in the country.



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October 24, 2023

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