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It's always exciting to learn about new learning methods, particularly in the sense of my current education program. Though there are numerous learning strategies available, I discovered that I have a strong preference for some and a weak preference for others. I am motivated to achieve my objectives because I have identified my strong learning strategies. My qualities include being ready to learn, sociable, and considerate towards others. As a result, I like studying at my own speed and in my own style, as well as working in small groups (Ellis 42). When I began the program, it was especially challenging to keep pace with the rest of the class and often found myself agitated and impatient in situations where others were performing as a slower pace.

I realized that I was free to learn at my own pace and in doing so, challenge my mind think beyond the box instead of confining my thinking to the set norms and standards. By doing assignments in my own way, I am able to be more creative, imaginative and think proactively. As such, I am able to gather more information, make strategic plans and interact with others in way that is more comfortable and likely to produce better results. This learning approach limits the probability of errors especially in less predictable situations.

Further, I find that my learning capacity is enhanced when i am part of a small group. In the past, I have worked as part of various small groups or teams to solve academic and work-related problems. The significance of learning in groups is that it encourages cooperation and sharing of ideas towards the identification of optimal solutions to problems. As part of the group, I am able to contribute to projects through identification of my strengths. More importantly, groups allow me to brainstorm ideas through listening to various views, opinions and suggestions from the other group members.

However, my identified learning weakness is that I am unable to learn in a place where there is a lot of activity going on. Hence, I need to be more organized, end procrastination and meet time limits. I prefer a learning environment that has little activity and allows me to concentrate with the task at hand.

In the course of my education and in the context of the current course, I have discovered that my strongest multiple intelligences include verbal/spatial and mathematical /logical; whereas, I have a weakness in musical/rhythmic intelligence (Ellis 48). My strengths in verbal or linguistic intelligence are demonstrated by my affinity for taking excellent notes, enjoying reading and writing. Mathematical or logical intelligence is depicted through my keen interest and desire to know how things work, making systemic and structured plans that show each step of any planned activity. In addition, I find solving puzzles as a novel activity that focuses and trains my mind to solve problems of varying complexity.

Meanwhile, my weakness in musical or rhythmic intelligence makes it difficult for to perform any task when there is music playing. Though music is enjoyable, I am unable to concentrate on any task until it is switched off.


Regarding my preferences for learning, I discovered that I produce better results when free to learn at my own pace and in my way. In addition, being part of small groups enhances my learning capacity especially when solving complex problems. However, I do not prefer to learn in an environment that has a lot of activity going on. Given my preferences for learning, I intend to continue identifying optimal methods of learning considering that various situations may require difference learning approaches.

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December 08, 2022

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