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In many respects, the rules are similar to the Oath of Honor Law of Enforcement. (Skolnick 11). First, the policy acknowledges that a law enforcement officer's primary responsibility is to service the community and protect both people's lives and property. The officer is expected to guard against deception while doing this and to defend the weak from all forms of abuse. Additionally, the guidelines expect individuals to keep their life private as much as possible. While maintaining privacy, the individuals are expected to act in a way that they do not discredit the agency. This is a requirement in both Oath of Honor and guidelines that enforce ethical standards in Massachusetts. In case of danger or scorn, the law enforcers are first expected to ensure that they exercise as much caution as possible. Honesty is key and that ensures that the law enforcers lead in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations that govern the department. This implies that every other thing, which needs to be treated as confidential, must be done so and has to occur within the official capacity (Omand GCB 615).

The guidelines demand that an officer keep their personal feelings out of work. They should never to allow any kind of political beliefs, aspirations, or animosities to affect any decision that they make while discharging their duties. As noted in the guidelines, one need not to accept any kind of compromise for crime and need to ensure that law is enforced without any fear or favor. Violence need not be part of the discharging duties. Just as the guideline demands of an officer, the Oath of Honor requires that an officer discharge their duty in a responsible manner and in professional way (Omand GCB 621). Ideally, commitment to the guideline that govern the ethical standards of individuals implies commitment to the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor.

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July 15, 2023

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