The Role of Character in Business Ethics

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Trust and Character in Ethical Operations

Trust is vital when it comes to ethical operations, be it between individuals or organizations and clients. The realm of Star Trek highlights questions regarding the ethics of space travels. This realization alone is sufficient to postulate that character plays a significant role in business ethics. Perhaps Zuber (2015), in his findings, exposes the potential sentiment that the reactions of individuals, victims, or observers contribute strongly to the initial act, which then spreads towards others and eventually to the social network. The same applies to unethical behavior, where one's character tends to determine their actions. If these actions are wrong, they can after that be propagated by other individuals, eventually becoming widespread. Mr. Spock's character is in itself a determining factor in the issues he raises regarding the morals of space travels, an aspect that leaders must always consider before undertaking any action. In fact, Lawton & Páez (2015) further this idea by emphasizing the importance of virtues, purpose, and practices as the top three interlocking elements that ethical leaders have to consider.

Character and Personal Integrity

From this knowledge, it is evident that character and personal integrity come first, since customers always prefer dealing with companies that are trustworthy. Similarly, my profession lies along the line of safety consultancy, and although currently unemployed, developing an ethical personality and credible character today is of utmost importance. For this reason, my profession would require me to maintain trustworthiness, make personal rules that preserve ethics in consultation and teaching, creating boundaries regarding the receival of gifts, honesty, and most of all setting standards that regulate the extent of interaction with peers, clients, colleagues, and higher-ranking individuals (Watkins, 2015). Ultimately, what counts is the establishment of a person with an unwavering stand as the foundation for ethical operations in all lines of work.


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January 19, 2024


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