Legalizing Marijuana Benefits Research Essay

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Marijuana Legalization

Call it by any name—bhang, cannabis, weed, or marijuana—it is undoubtedly the narcotic with the most nicknames. The legalization of marijuana has generated a contentious discussion over the years. (Anderson, Benjamin & Daniel, 2015). Should the drug be made legal by the government given that the majority of its consumers claim it has some advantages? This essay will examine marijuana legalization from the perspectives of Natural Law and International Law in an effort to support liberty for the benefit of the common good of mankind (being healthy and content) or the protection of human rights. If the marijuana could be legalized, the government can benefit from transferring the excess profits that are caused by the risk premium from the grow operation to the government. If for instance, the tax on marijuana is sustained and it’s equal to the local production cost, the government is, therefore, likely to have revenue of 7 per unit of the drugs sold. Through this, it can be said that the legalization of the drugs means that the hemp industry will flourish.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Apart from the economic benefits that come with the drugs, there are also medical and social benefits that are associated with the drugs. The marijuana can be used for various products such waste paper, plastics, fuel, and food. Also, the hemp plan is known for its ability to grow very fast and does not require item such as herbicides in the majority of its environment. The power of hemp is therefore really astonishing.

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits related to the use of marijuana. The following is a discussion of the medical use of marijuana. First, it is known for the treatment of anxiety. According to the Harvard medical school, it has been profoundly discovered that the use of marijuana is likely to have the anti-anxiety effects (Caulkins, Beau & Mark, 2016). However, the dose just like any other drugs should be regulated. Marijuana is also known for the alleviation of pain and some of the inflammation that is related to arthritis.

Medical Benefits (cont.)

The drug is also useful for the treatment of cancer. According to research that was published in the journal of “molecular cancer therapeutics”, it suggests that a cannabis which is a common chemical found in the marijuana can turn off the ID-1 gene which most of the cancer cells used to spread. Glaucoma and lung health are also some of the health benefits that can be driven from the use of marijuana. Various researches are currently working on developing new cannabis base drugs that will be useful in treating the glaucoma pains. This is after the effective of marijuana were discovered for its ability to treat the condition. Also, the medical use of marijuana can also increase the lung capacity thus increasing the general health of the lung. Finally, it is important and can be of medical benefits in the treatment of nausea. According to researchers marijuana has a minimum of 60 cannabinoids (Anderson, Benjamin & Daniel, 2015). As such THC is one of the first chemicals that is usually associated with the marijuana mind altering effects. In most cases, THC has since been used in the treatment of nausea including a drug or some of the chemotherapy induces misuse.

Government Revenue

With the majority of the governments scrambling to get new sources of revenue to facilitate in the pay for important social objectives such as the health care and also education aspects, the legalization of marijuana can be a source of government fund. Currently, the issue of marijuana legalization has been undertaken even by the developing countries. This particular move shows that most of the nations today have realized the social, economical and medical benefits of marijuana and are willing to legalize it.



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July 15, 2023

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