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218 views 2 pages ~ 385 words
The War On Drugs

The War on drugs is a series of campaigns aimed at prohibiting the production, distribution, and consumption of illicit ...

151 views 2 pages ~ 470 words
Ethical Dilemma: The Use of Drug A in the ER

If the hospital permits the ER physicians to take Drug A, it is important that the public is made aware of this. Aside b...

201 views 9 pages ~ 2350 words
Mechanism of Action of Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy is a pharmacological product with a combination of analgesic and anesthetic properties. The product is ideal ...

65 views 5 pages ~ 1105 words
Opioid Crisis in the United States

Opioids are classes of drugs that consist of banned substances such as strong pain relievers including fentanyl, morphin...

66 views 2 pages ~ 387 words
Drug Food Interactions

The principle objectives of development of drugs are safety and effectiveness. However, there are numerous factors which...

272 views 4 pages ~ 871 words
Dual Diagnosis of Schizophrenia and Substance Use Disorder

The group chosen for this assignment is dual diagnoses that constitute of patients with both schizophrenia and substance...

299 views 2 pages ~ 287 words
The Adverse Effects of Opioid Medications on Human Beings

The continued prescription of opioid medications is constantly under scrutiny due to the adverse effects they pose on hu...

228 views 3 pages ~ 668 words
Varsity Blues: Analyzing the Coaching Styles of Winters and Kilmer

In the program, coach Winters does not fully take control of Lattimer's case of taking steroids. Coach Winters loses his...

198 views 9 pages ~ 2261 words
The Adverse Effects of Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana has been a social problem in the American population for millennia; however, its escalated consum...

124 views 7 pages ~ 1671 words
The Opioid Epidemic

Drug abuse is one of the most prevalent problems in the united states with overdoses claiming more lives than vehicular ...

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