The War On Drugs

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The War on Drugs

The War on drugs is a series of campaigns aimed at prohibiting the production, distribution, and consumption of illicit drugs. The war has been on for decades and its victory would mean less crime and drugs on the streets. Over the years, however, not much progress has been made in the war on drugs though it is slowly taking effect. We have a long way to go in curbing the drug menace. The war on drugs will end if the governments take initiatives and rehabilitate addicts instead of treating them like criminals and decriminalizing some drugs. Regulations and health programs should be launched to educate the masses on the dangers of drug use to the populace. More people are opening up to learning and their attitudes towards drugs are changing.

Coercive Measures and Conflict

In an effort to fight drugs more efficiently, coercive measures have even put in place by use of informants. Police have grown to rely on them and the information they provide to organize raids in the drug communities which has only served to create conflict. With the drug dealers fighting back, the police are using more extreme methods which are met by equal retaliation. Fewer people are willing to collaborate with the law for fear of their lives thus increasing the ever-growing rift between the police and the community. In addition to the drug community fighting back, those who abuse or supply drugs are considered criminals. Though some percentage of that may be true, not all are criminals and arresting them hardens them into actual criminals. This only serves to increase the use of violence to survive and in the drug market, it is a necessary skill.

Prevention Programs and Changing Perspectives

In the wake of a changing world where marijuana has been legalized in some parts prevention programs come in handy. With an array of different cultural messages, there is some confusion about marijuana use which is understandable. The schools and community use the prevention programs to inform and educate the youths on the risks of marijuana use. Providing students with health information in schools and the restrictions set by the government to regulate the distribution of marijuana together with taxes will prevent excessive marijuana use. With this knowledge, young people can make better life choices.

November 24, 2023




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