The Adverse Effects of Marijuana

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The article presents facts why marijuana is harmful for human consumption. The author uses firsts hand information and scientific evidence when proving her argument. The author states that just like other drugs, cannabis produces its effect by altering the speed of what is already going on the human brain[1]. Marijuana triggers similar chemical processes that the brain uses to moderate experiences, feelings, and thoughts. The paper will provide inductive or deductive arguments and fallacies presented in the article.

The Deductive Argument

Grisel relies on the deductive argument when supporting her claim. Deducting argument is a process where one moves from the general to more specific statement through a process that is perceived to be logical. The author uses personal experience when proving that marijuana use is dangerous. The author states that she smoked in her early twenties and by then she could have advocated for the legalization of marijuana because she had little information about its effect. Based on her experience she concludes that smoking of marijuana is not good for all persons.

The author state that the politicians are overlooking science in their move to legalize marijuana. Grisel notes that marijuana does have an adverse effect on the adolescent’s brains. According to the article, in the 1980s in south Florida pot was already available. At that time weed seemed to be an antidote to adolescence. Smoking weed made her to high. Smoking marijuana changed her daily activities into something drastic: work, school, family outing, or just sitting on a coach became endless entertainment - when high. Based on her experience she concludes that marijuana produces an effect of altering the functionality of the brain. Marijuana affects the ability of a human brain to modulate experiences, emotions, and thoughts. By deluging the brain cannabis can transform that basic thing including the most uninteresting events, to take a glistening turn. Grisel states that 60 percent of the seriously smoking youths are might never to complete school, and are at significantly amplified danger for alcoholism and other drug addiction. Chronic exposure to marijuana affects the human ability to perform various tasks successfully. The regular use of marijuana makes the brain to dampen its fundamental machinery to control the unwarranted stimulation.

The author also used her scientific knowledge to challenge some of the widely used argument by those persons who advocate for the use of marijuana. ‘It is not addictive’ she states that this is an incorrect proclamation since the human brain adjusts to cannabis as it does to any other drugs and the alterations result to longing,  addiction, and tolerance which is the hallmark of addiction. ‘It is beneficial’ the author also rubbishes this premise by stating that the medical effect of marijuana is attained just after limiting the substance that gets people high. ‘It’s natural’ so is arsenic which is a natural element but entirely dangerous.

The Fallacies

The author highlights some of the previously held fallacies on marijuana, for instance, marijuana is not a gateway drug. From her personal experience, Grisel started using other drugs a factor was caused abuse of marijuana. The turn of events had an adverse effect on her life. It took several years of abstinence to complete stop the use of drugs. The author also downplays other fallacies that are held by such as marijuana is not addictive. She notes that indeed abuse of marijuana can lead to addiction because the brain adapts to its use leading to craving, dependence, and tolerance. She also downplays the fallacy that is held that marijuana is beneficial.

The Fallacy of Generalization

The author rushes to make conclusions about many persons without providing any concrete evidence to support the premise. The author uses her own experience when she was growing up to make general conclusions about the entire population of youth. In her reasoning, the author takes knowledge from one person’s or group’s experiment and incorrectly extends to other groups. For example, she states that weed changes the lead to something drastic: working, schooling, or outing became fun. Based on her experience, the author feels that all other marijuana smokers are likely to have the same feeling.

The author doesn't cite any facts when proving that marijuana makes everything comprising the most unexciting to actions, to take a glittering transformation. The author also states that her use of marijuana made her start using other drugs which makes her conclude that it is indeed an addictive drug. Grisel does not cite any concrete evidence to prove that for the teenagers smoking marijuana alters their brain completely. 


Based on the article the author is not against the legalization. But she simply objects the astonishing lacks of skepticism about marijuana debate and the scientific evidence that is being overlooked. The author advocate for use of concrete evidence when proving that marijuana should be legalized.


Grisel, Judith. 2018. "POT HOLES Legalizing Marijuana Is Fine. But Don’t Ignore The Science On Its Dangers". The Washington Post.


Grisel, Judith. 2018. "POT HOLES Legalizing Marijuana Is Fine. But Don’t Ignore The Science On Its Dangers.” The Washington Post.

December 12, 2023




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