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125 views 2 pages ~ 351 words
Criminology and Drug Abuse

From the book ‘Criminology today: An integrative introduction’ by Frank Schmalleger, published in 2011, National Institu...

242 views 4 pages ~ 979 words
Stress Coping

Because of the existence of environmental variables that induce this disorder, stress has been normalized in life. The h...

180 views 1 pages ~ 272 words
Why cognitive processes are impaired by illegal drugs

Thomas Gould's paper "Addiction and Cognition" that appeared in the "PMC" journal in the National Library of Medicine of...

145 views 4 pages ~ 837 words
Babylon Revisited and reading by F.Scott Fitzgerald

The word "modern man" refers to the chronological transition in the characters in men's general behavior from their chil...

355 views 2 pages ~ 715 words
The Growing Field of Pharmacology

The branch of biology, medicine, and pharmaceutical sciences that deals with drug action is referred to as pharmacology. A drug is defined as a ...

239 views 3 pages ~ 701 words
Drugs: The Opioid Crisis Stemming

It is possible to follow the use of opium goods as far back as the introduction of the Mesopotamian civilization. As glo...

248 views 9 pages ~ 2322 words
U.S Military

This paper investigates drug abuse as an ethical problem confronting the Army, focusing on its root causes, effects on t...

177 views 6 pages ~ 1531 words
The Predisposing Factors to Substance Abuse

The issue of substance addiction is a major challenge of society because of the negative health effects it has on the pa...

254 views 4 pages ~ 855 words
Sonny’s Blues

Sonny's Blues, written by James Baldwin, tells the story of two brothers, one an Algebra teacher in Harlem and the other...

275 views 4 pages ~ 997 words
Unintended consequences of war on drugs

After the 1961 UN single convention to restrict drugs was established, attempts to control and stifle the supply of ille...

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