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228 views 9 pages ~ 2271 words
Marijuana and Opioids

The use of opioids for remedy of illnesses is traced back to the 1800s and it has been in use up to the present days. Th...

245 views 5 pages ~ 1242 words
Legalization of marijuana

Marijuana is a brown mixture of dried, shredded hemp plant Cannabis sativa leaves, buds, stalks, and bulbs. It may also ...

134 views 4 pages ~ 883 words
Legalize Pot

Keller addresses the legalisation of marijuana in the How to Legalize Cannabis and the mechanism to legalize marijuana i...

271 views 3 pages ~ 678 words
Making Marijuana Legally

Marijuana legalization is a contentious issue, particularly in the United States, with both sides presenting compelling ...

98 views 8 pages ~ 2144 words
Marijuana legalization

Marijuana is a compound extracted mostly from the flowers of the Indian hemp plant. Marijuana is brownish in color and i...

107 views 7 pages ~ 1689 words
Marijuana Offence and Kansas City, Missouri No Jail Term

In April 2017, Kansas City became the seventh city in Missouri to vote for the abolition of marijuana-related fines. The...

150 views 2 pages ~ 500 words
Marijuana is a drug the is misunderstood

Marijuana is a substance that is mistaken and is perceived to be addictive, despite the fact that it is not. The debate ...

220 views 5 pages ~ 1225 words
The Economic Impact of Marijuana

Marijuana has been the most commonly used substance in the United States, and apart from the reported side effects, it h...

183 views 14 pages ~ 3750 words
Marijuana's Impact on Mental Health

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is widely regarded as a harmless plant. In most developing countries around the world...

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