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129 views 6 pages ~ 1499 words
The Failure of Prohibition in the United States

It is an abject failure of the aggressive drug enforcement policy in the United States which puts millions of individual...

72 views 7 pages ~ 1761 words
Correlation Between Alcohol Consumption and Life Expectancy

The study of factors influencing life expectancy is important not only for scientist and researchers, but also for the g...

159 views 6 pages ~ 1572 words
Excessive Drinking and College Students

Is excessive alcohol consumption an important problem on college campuses, and if so what should be done about it? Intro...

122 views 3 pages ~ 733 words
Substance abuse and addiction among health professionals

Johnson, Natalie A., et al. "Effect of electronic brief intervention on uptake of specialty treatment in hospital o...

157 views 2 pages ~ 425 words
The Liquor License Act Research Essay

The Liquor License Act states that people may buy alcohol from any retailer as long as it is permitted by the legislatio...

213 views 4 pages ~ 830 words
The concept of Duress as a Defense

When a danger is significant and has the potential to be fatal or harmful, the idea of duress can be used as a defense. ...

96 views 7 pages ~ 1762 words
Australia Alcohol Addiction

There are growing concerns in Australia about the amount of alcohol consumed and the rates of addiction. According to Wo...

238 views 6 pages ~ 1564 words
How to fight alcoholism?

Alcoholism is now known as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), and it happens when a person consumes so much alcohol that his or...

160 views 8 pages ~ 2089 words
Alcohol and Adolescents

Alcohol is the drug of choice among young people, and because of the repercussions of excessive drinking, alcoholism has...

113 views 5 pages ~ 1208 words
Attitudes of different countries and cultures towards alcohol

Globally, alcohol use is increasing. Alcohol consumption is highest in American regions, followed by European countries,...

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