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142 views 5 pages ~ 1279 words
Effect of Atrazine Pesticides Usage

In the agricultural world, the term pesticide is used as a general term to refer to a variety of chemical solutions used...

287 views 7 pages ~ 1789 words
Treated Wastewater Usage in Agriculture

Agriculture is the art and science of growing plants and livestock. Agricultural wastewater treatment is therefore prima...

265 views 3 pages ~ 645 words
Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs and Other Invasive Insects

Brown marbled stink bugs and other invasive insects deserve all the attention and money due to their resistance to chemi...

227 views 3 pages ~ 565 words
Post-Internet on Glyphosate

Pesticides became commonplace in nowaday's products, especially due to improved technology. They were used to promote cr...

289 views 8 pages ~ 2181 words
Agroforestry practices and policies

According to Louise Bach, agroforestry is an intensive land management system that maximizes the benefits from the biolo...

280 views 4 pages ~ 926 words
Permethrin is harmful to bees

Dear neighbor, I recently discovered that you are using permethrin. The use of pesticides harms insects, such as bees, b...

274 views 9 pages ~ 2345 words
Alemany Farm

The story of Alemany Farm is about the land, its tenants, and how the changes happened. Different people have worked on ...

269 views 3 pages ~ 743 words
The Basics of Organic Farming

Whether you're thinking about growing your own food, or just buying it, there are a number of factors to keep in mind wh...

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