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Life is special, and everyone in the world should respect and safeguard it. Nations have established laws and guidelines that specify what must be done. These have led to various organizations around the globe supporting human rights. People must be aware of and obedient to the local variations in human rights as they apply to various nations. Every human freedom is significant and must be upheld. The rights are also unalienable, which means that no one can be denied one just because another is more essential. Human rights are complementary to one another and jointly reinforce one another. Sexual orientation discrimination whether directly or indirectly is one way of denying a person his human rights.

Discrimination of sexual orientation occurs through; criminalization of homosexuality, institutionalized homophobia, abuse in state institutions, cruel treatment, and diminished access to health care, work place discrimination, and violence harassment (Samelius and Wagberg 20). In the case study of Paul, the author tries to reveal what the LGBT people are subjected to, which is not known to other people. Specifically, the writer talks about the issue of Paul being homosexual. He is subjected to rejection by his father, injustice, the society does not embrace him, and he is treated as a sociological outcast. The story shows that homosexual is deemed social evil and with Paul the victim we can note the animosity he faces from the society starting with his parents which make his life miserable leading to him committing suicide. Paper will look at the life of Paul and try to portray the negative picture the society reveals regarding homosexuality.

Subjection to Fear

Most countries define homosexuality as a disease or mental disorder which is not the case but a belief. Homosexual people are not sick, but that is their nature which is not appreciated in most countries thus making the victims be subjected to fear due to uncertainty. Other countries issue death sentence on LGBT people like in Sudan and Afghanistan. Some like Egypt and Namibia issue corporal punishment to individuals engaging in consenting and homosexuality (Samelius and Wagberg 19). Namibia President, Sam Nujoma stated that LGBT people should be arrested, imprisoned and deported from the country.

In the case study of Paul, fear is revealed when the poor boy realizes that his father has discovered his theft and he is coming to New York to find him (Shively 2013). It is the fear of not knowing what his fate could be that makes him end his life, and he is no more.

Lack of Embracement by the Society

Lack of embracement by the community is seen when Paul faces the disciplinary committee. Paul is described as ‘suave,' having eyes with ‘a certain hysterical brilliancy.' His drawing teacher is the only person who seems to understand Paul, and he tells the other teachers afterward that Paul's behavior may not be what it appears, and maybe his teachers do not get him well (Shively 2013). Some groups in the society like the religious groups may target LGBT persons committing hate crimes. In some countries, there is restrictive legislation and even trying to combat sexual discrimination, it would be difficult because the court allows the discrimination for the LGBT people.

Discrimination of Homosexual People

In the case study of Paul, it is revealed that his close attention to the members of the music team made him notice that he is being discriminated which makes him rebel from everyone around him. It is revealed that Paul's father took him out of school and made hi m get a job. The father also told the manager at the concert hall that Paul could not work there anymore. He even warned Charley Edward the doorman at the theater not to let him into the place. The man promises Paul' father not to see him again. These make all the people laugh when they learn that all the stories that Paul had been telling them were not true, and this makes Paul feel discriminated. Basically, homosexuality makes Paul discriminated against by the other people in the society.

Rejection by Society

Rejection is revealed when Paul father and the teacher goes to the theater to report Paul. The actors laugh when they hear about Paul's stories, and everybody agrees that Paul is a bad case (Shively 2013). It is the denial of the right to love other men that Paul was attracted to, and this made him feel that he is not wanted both at home and in school. Cather reveals that when Paul steal his father's money, he thinks that being away will make him free away from people who are not being fair to him. Family rejection is an excruciating thing, and even when other people may accept you as an LGBT person, without the embracement from your own family, it is still a harrowing experience.

Social Injustice

It is very unjust to deny a group of people their rights making them feel less important than other people. The equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family are the foundation of the freedom, justice, and peace in the world. Young LGBT has been seen facing severe conditions for working and living with their identity compared to the adults. These could be the reason why Paul is seen facing injustice even with the board committee in his school. Injustice is also revealed when his father goes to tell the doorman at the theater not to let Paul in again. Paul is not given the right to choose what he wants to do or where he wants to go. It is revealed that Paul even smiled when he approached the theater door, meaning; this is the place he enjoyed being.

Injustice is revealed by the author when Paul is made to face a disciplinary committee in school. Because of the opinion, the board has about Paul's character; Paul is denied his right in that board. Lack of justice for the LGBT people have made them turn into unwanted actions like drugs, theft, and others. The rebellious actions by the LGBT people are seen because they feel that no one is ready to listen to them and that is why they rebel (Hammarberg 52). The national structures for promoting equality possess great potential for dealing with complaints on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity and encourages the enjoyment of human rights by LGBT people.

Consequences of Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination makes the victim feel the rejection. In some cases, the ultimate expression of the family and the society as a whole is violence in the name of honor including abuse, rejection and even murder. After Paul realizes that his father is coming to New York, he decides to commit suicide. Briefly, he wonders whether he could have spent his life differently after the theft, but he thinks that the same thing would occur tomorrow. These leaves him with one choice but to end his life. The Violence and discriminating reactions had happened when LGBT people attempted to express their view (Hammarberg 52). It is revealed that the consequences of this have been murder, drug victims, violence and many other rebellious actions.


Documented evidence shows that LGBT persons go through a lot of problems on the ground of sexual orientation discrimination, as is evident with Paul's homosexual case. The problems are apparent at the places of work, in the court of law and from the society at large. This story has shown the attitude of the community towards the homosexual person. Homosexuality is seen as a vice and those who practice it have no place in the society. They are rejected, discriminated and made to feel less human. It is disturbing to go through the troubles that Paul encountered yet he was initially a good boy who wanted to make it in life. The circumstances get him too frustrated with life as he is rejected by both the society and his family thus making him kill himself.

As the global fight for human rights concerning sexual orientation, every person ought to take part to stop the discrimination. From the study, it is evident what Homosexual individuals go through a lot as they try to gain justice. Policy administration of LGBT issue should be situated within a gender equality and social equity discourse and dealt with through a rights based approach. Paul had no power to change himself and could be allowed to live his life. LGBT persons have their rights, and they should be observed to enable them to live happily in the world.

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June 19, 2023
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