link between organizational culture and productivity

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Organizations have two major types of culture that are directly related to the degree of production: hierarchical culture and flat culture (McEachern, 2011). The tight work schedule of a hierarchical system limits employees' motivation. Inflexible work regulations that create persistent worry in the case of incomplete assignments harm employees. As a result, this method kills staff morale, which has a negative impact on production. Flat culture, on the other hand, has a casual work environment and a positive relationship between hirers and employees. This method increases client happiness, which leads to greater production.

What role do atmosphere and workplace environment have in the success of entry-level employees? Three workplace traits are core to a successful adaptation of new employees. A business that orients new colleagues first by making them understand the nature of products and work culture is likely to make them productive (Levy, 2014). Second, giving new employees simple tasks to accomplish cultivates confidence and prepares them for complex tasks. Third, appreciation of new workers’ small wins by their seniors and trusting them with more complex tasks builds confidence in the staff members.

Why is it important to have a good job description for any position?

Good job description helps in quality legal control and effectiveness of the administration system of organizations (Weber, 2013). Human resource policies are also protected and guided by the presence of such an aspect. Furthermore, it addresses employees’ work concerns and rights.

Explain how a job description relates to any of the following: recruitment, retention, training, and discipline.

Job description enables the organizations to recruit people who are qualified for certain positions. Also, it narrows down to specific individuals limiting the number of applicants for an easy interviewing process (McEachern, 2011). Without a job description, the recruitment would be cumbersome with a large number of candidates, and it would not be easy for the recruiters to determine the best person among them (McEachern, 2011). Additionally, the specification allows for a smooth transition in case of a worker’s leave. Finally, it forms the basis for interview process on the recruitment of employees.


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May 24, 2023

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