Literary analysis on American Beauty

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The literature of American beauty presents a variety of literary contact methods. The literature is a play made up of American actors. The playwright is Sam Mendes, and the novel was published in 1990. Many instruments have been used in the play to present the literary works of American beauty. The literature uses a range of resources, including themes, symbolism, the chronological occurrence of incidents, and the characters' viewpoints. The strategy used by Sam Mendes in the production of the roles of numerous American people in the play is the use of a character with different ambitions (Mendes, Sam, and Alan, 1990). The play presents strong themes of loves, happiness, materialism, freedom, American culture and beauty. The use of the literary techniques facilitates the development of the story in the reflection of the American beauty and the general society in the era of 1990s. Therefore this essay explores the literary devices adopted in the play American Beauty by Sam Mendes. Also, the article will explore the various themes as part of the literary devices adapted by the playwright, Sam Mendes.

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Composed in the early 1990s, the play manages to capture the urban life of most American in representation. The play has been acted into a movie and various cinematography to assert the tone of the American Beauty play. Suspense is the literary devices employed in work. From the begin, the title of the story is presented in suspense. For instance, use of the title, American beauty, many readers of the play will wish to know more about the play and subsequently read the story. The main characters in the play comprise of the woman and the man. Beauty is considered to be in the eyes of the beholder, according to the story and presentation of the characters, use of the beauty idea is the primary in the story depicts the character of most American and the perception of the young people during the era of the 1990s. The use of the beauty in the representation of the inner intuition of the American people reveals the success of author painting the notions of the central characters like Carolyn and Lester Burnham’s. Also in the play, use of the symbolism has been depicted as the part of the literary device employed by the author in the communication of the lifestyle of most characters in the society.

The characters themselves have been assigned various types of the mannerism and perception of the community. For instance, Carolyn is depicted to be beautiful and a person who perceive wealth as the ultimate achievement in life. She values various types of material wealth like car, clothes, and house. To her having money and defense of the current state of the property is being smart and being updated (Wilson, pg 3). This symbolizes wealth people in the society who values their money more than anything and controls most of the community power. In such case most people perceive the wealthy people to value material things more than people. The identity of the people is the main idea of the playwright has it has the purpose of developing the society in the long run by identifying various people (Park, Nansook, and Christopher, pg 335). In the play, the author manages to use characters efficiently in developing the identity of individuals in the society as the literary device. For instance, use of Lester and Carolyn as the main characters depicts the nature and vibrancy of the persons in the community. For example, the happiness of Carolyn is described to originate from the material wealth while for the case of luster his identity is concealed due to his actions. He later got killed by Colonel due revelation of his identity. Therefore, identity is one of the techniques adopted by the author in conveying his literary information to the readers.

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Themes are another efficient techniques and general approach used by the author in the communication of the message to the people. Subsequently, the need to have various themes in the building of the story is imperative. The items used by the author include love, beauty, happiness, satisfaction, and culture. The details convey the general moral lesson that should be learned from the story. In the story, the moral lesson comprises of the wealthy perception which is normal perceived by people in the society as being the driving force of the individuals in the upper class. The beauty of the wealthy is that it makes the rich people like Carolyn appear classic, but it replaces their true identity with material things (McKittrick pg 8). The notion of citizens that having wealthy and material things is ultimately depicted by the playwright has to be ironical. Such that the people with wealth also experience stress and appear uneasy when it comes to the real-life matters. Therefore, the themes used by the author with other devices successful convey the message as methods in the literature.

Conclusively, the author manages to use various methods in the research, which are: themes, symbolism, and linear occurrence of the events and perspective of the characters. In the play, the use of the character with different ambition is the technique Sam Mendes achieves in the development of the characters of various American people. The conveyance of the message to the readers is accomplished by the adoption of the literary devices such the interpretation of the literature has different perspective amongst various users.

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