Logistics and supply chain management: past, present and future

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Developments in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Past, Present and Future

Developments in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Past, Present and Future, is a business research paper written by Pawar, Rogers, Potter, & Naim, (2016) that focuses on various aspects of supply chain and business logistics. The business environment is always changing and over the past few decades as there has been a rise in competitiveness in the industry as each company strives to become efficient.Pawar, Rogers, Potter, & Naim, (2016), state that it is necessary to design tolerant and robust supply chains to ensure that the stability of supply chain performances is maintained. Pawar, Rogers, Potter, & Naim, (2016) also discuss the agility, flexibility and the risks associated with supply chain management and even retail logistics. Integration of ICT in supply chain management is also discussed in the article. Advancement in technology and the increased number of business innovations have significantly impacted in business logistics by ensuring that there is efficient supply chain management.

Similarities with Course Study: Supply Chain Designs and the Need for Robust Supply Chains

Pawar, Rogers, Potter, & Naim, (2016) discuss many aspects of business logistics, but the one part that is similar to the course study is supply chain designs and the need to create robust supply chains. The risk associated with the supply chain has become an exciting area of research; this is because supply chain networks have become complicated due to the increased interconnection between firms all over the globe. Due to the increased global competitiveness in the present economic environment, supply chain firms have become more exposed to risks. According to Pawar, Rogers, Potter,& Naim,(2016)it is advisable for business companies to design robust supply chains as they have they have the capability of functioning normally even in the event of a disruption.

Importance of Business Flexibility in Reducing Supply Chain Risks

Pawar, Rogers, Potter, & Naim, (2016) did thorough research on various aspects of logistics and supply chain management, and the information in the research paper can be used by modern logistics firms to improve business operations. Supply chain risks fall into two categories, and they include those with the probability of occurrence and the impact of the risks if they occur. The paper by Pawar, Rogers, Potter, & Naim, (2016) focuses on examining the importance of business flexibility in reducing the effect of supply chain risks such as uncertainty of demands or supply capacity.

Steps to Designing a Reliable Supply Chain

Pawar, Rogers, Potter, & Naim, (2016), list some steps that can be used to design a reliable supply chain and the first one is that there should be a thorough analysis of the supply chain to identify the vulnerability sources. The second step to designing a robust supply chain is to research on the disturbances and also their estimated impact on business operations. The next step as discussed by Pawar, Rogers, Potter, & Naim, (2016), is the identification of a proper redesign strategy for the business supply chain, and finally a firm should come up with a model that incorporates the new supply chain strategy and also alternative supply chain scenarios that may be affected by different disturbances.

Evaluating Sources for Research

It is always recommended that a person should evaluate sources when one is doing research. Assessing primary or secondary sources is vital in research as it is essential to ensure that the sources used are accurate and also appropriate for the chosen topic. The internet has given people the ability and freedom to post any study resources, but most of them contain unreliable information that is inaccurate or even biased. The paper by Pawar, Rogers, Potter, & Naim (2016), is a reliable source of information about logistics and supply chain management as the writers have proper credentials and also the fact that the research paper only presents facts verified by other journals. The writers cite all the information borrowed from the work of other researchers and they not only present theoretical details in their paper but also accurate results obtained from scientific calculations and prediction models. I would advise other students to study the article as it is an informative, reliable paper of the developments in logistics and also the past, present, and future in supply chain management.


Pawar, K. S., Rogers, H., Potter, A., & Naim, M. (2016). Developments in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Past, Present and Future. Springer.

October 24, 2023

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