Macbeth Analysis Essay

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The Play Macbeth's Introduction

The play Macbeth starts in a heath, a place without buildings or landmarks, where there is a sudden appearance of the three weird sisters who were referred to as the infamous witches. Equivocation and paradox characterize their conversation as they plan on meeting Macbeth. Their talk is a typical representation of witches’ language which sounds as if they are casting a spell. This contradictory manner of speech foreshadows the events that happen later in the play. These three characters introduce classical mythology fates in the play, whereby one of them spun a person’s life with the treat, the other one measured it, and the last one cuts it. The scene presents the dramatic scope of the play’s setting which is characterized by the wilderness of the existence of man and the wild Scottish landscape.

Macbeth's Introduction as a Warrior Hero

Macbeth is introduced as a warrior hero in Scene 2. The scene is crucial as it foresees the tragedy of great men. Great names including “Velour’s minion, Bellona’s bridegroom,” among other phrases represent Macbeth’s superhero efforts in the battlefield and the war. Macbeth’s honor was foreshadowed at the play’s ending, whereby he fixed Mc’ Donald’s head upon the battlements. Banquo and the other captains were referred to as “lions” and “eagles,” likened to the “hare” and “sparrows.” Symbolically, the lion represents the coat of arms of Scotland’s king. In the scene, the Thane of Ross makes the battle doubtful. Combatants have equal terms until the decision is ruled in favor of Macbeth. Two resolutions ending the scene include the Thane of Cawdor and the Norwegian’s “crave composition.” The language used in scene 2 captures the urgency, activity, and glue some battle realism. The scene also establishes opposing ideas related to the theme of honorable or orderly behavior. In this case, Duncan finds himself as the figurehead, honoring the bleeding captain.

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