Management information system (MIS)

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Management information system (MIS)

Management information system (MIS) refers to the administration of integrated components used to collect, store, and analyze data; it also aids in the diffusion of information and knowledge (Karim 2011, p. 459). MIS can be used by numerous departments within a business to help with operation management, contacts with customers and suppliers, decision making inside the organization, and enhancing competitive advantage. Employees and management can also use MIS to depict complex subjects, analyze issues, and develop new products. Transaction key processing and cloud computing are two of the most current aspects of MIS. This paper will discuss various ways that MIS is applied in organizations. The other aim of this paper is to illustrate how transaction key processing and cloud computing can be utilized by an enterprise in solving organizational problems.

Uses of MIS in Various Department

Sales and marketing department is core for the functioning of most organizations as it ensures that the services and products of an organization are purchased. MIS can help this department by supporting market research; being utilized for advertisement and promotional campaigns as well as in pricing decisions. MIS can also be utilized by sales and marketing department for contacting customers and locating where they are so as to supply them with the products that they need especially in online shopping. Besides MIS helps to track the sales, process orders and provide support to customers. Lastly but not least, MIS can secure information the items sold which can then be analyzed by managers to monitor the buying trends and sales activities.

The human resource (HR) department is concerned with motivating, developing and maintaining the work force of an organization. MIS can be utilized by the HR department to identify people that can be potentially employed by the organization. Also, the MIS is significant in keeping a complete record of the employees that are currently working in a firm.

The IT department is concerned with handling all the technological issues that may come up within an organization. The MIS helps the IT department to secure all the data of the company through data assurance. Also, the MIS can be utilized by the IT department to create and maintain operational applications comprising of an organization's electronic data.

The Manufacturing and production department is concerned with producing the goods and services of an enterprise. MIS can be utilized by this department to monitor the cos and resources used in manufacture and production in a company. Also, the MIS can be utilized in setting the productions goals, keeping storage records and for equipment scheduling.

The department of accounting and finance also utilize MIS in many ways. To start with, MIS can be used by finance department to determine of the firm is getting the best possible returns through utilizing MIS information to get external corporate information. MIS also help organizations to oversee the and too control the financial resources of the firm. MIS is also used by finance and accounting department to do long-term forecasting for an enterprise (Karim 2011, p. 466).

Transaction Key Processing and Cloud Computing

Transaction key processing is mainly concerned with the issue of keeping the database in a similar and consistent manner even in the event of failure and concurrent access (Waqas et al. 2015, p.41). In this MIS system, a unit task for data modification is reliably processed. The system also works in such a way to manage simultaneous users. Some of the transaction failures that can occur as a result of an error in the process of transaction caused by inputting data incorrectly or due to potential deadlock. Also, the failures could be due to concurrency control algorithms which deter a transaction from being completed.

When there is a transaction failure, the transaction is aborted so as to reset the database to its prior state for starting the transaction. The main benefit of transaction key processing is that it offers a consistent and reliable information. This is due to four fundamental properties which include Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (ACID) (Waqas et al. 2015, p.41).

An example in which this system can be applied in an organization is when making banking transaction or payment of a retail vendor of an organization. The advantage of the system is that it ensures that all records are automatically preserved and can be used as evidence in case of a dispute. The disadvantage is that in cases of a transaction key failure aborting the whole process again and starting a fresh can be time-consuming.

Cloud computing, on the other hand, implies using a network provided by remote server that is hosted on the internet for storing, managing and processing data instead of using a personal computer or local server. This method allows for dynamic resource allocation. Cloud computing allows for delivery of services with transparency without considering the physical implementation within the cloud.

Cloud computing has many advantages for the company. First, cloud computing helps in globalizing the company's workforce at a cheaper cost since people all over the world can access the information by only having an internet connection. Second, cloud computing offers companies a platform for enhancing their document control to employees through placing company's file at a central place where it can be accessed by all workers hence increasing efficiency. Cloud computing also provides a platform for the company to experiment with new MIS at a low cost making it possible for the firm to grow quickly.

An example of how an enterprise can use cloud computing is through google doc. Using google doc, a manager can publish a company's report and save it on the server where all retail vendors can see. The retail vendors can then provide feedback on the accuracy of the report so that changes are made. This is more efficient and saves time since the company will only need an internet connection.

Relevance of the Solutions to the Company

The solution provided by cloud computing to vendors through helping in clarifying issues on the report before publication is beneficial to the company since it is efficient and takes a short time. The cost of using cloud computing is also very low since the only thing that the vendors will need is an internet connection. When the company can save on the cost; and work efficiently with vendors when giving reports, then the competitive advantage of the company is enhanced. The solution provided for making payments transaction to vendors benefits the company through ensuring that the firm can maintain some level of transparency. Also, the company benefits from having records which can be used for research on retail vendors.


MIS should be adopted by all enterprises seeking to gain competitive advantage and to manage its internal environments well. This is because MIS is significant in all the departments that exist in an organization. Cloud computing and the transactions key processing are MIS systems that have proved to be beneficial to many companies. It is therefore recommended that companies adopt such systems so as to help in the management of data in a cost friendly, secure and efficient way.


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