Martha Rogers Nursing Theory

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The theory of nursing developed by Martha Rogers viewed human beings and the environment as energy fields and as such people and the universe would be considered as a unitary entity. According to Martha Rogers, a patient could only be viewed as a whole and not divided into parts. Through her research, Rogers revolutionized the field of nursing as a whole and it became a unique field altogether.  In her nursing theory, Rogers viewed health as a process of life itself. Nursing, from the science of unitary beings, is seen as either the science of nursing that entails the knowledge particular for the field or an art of nursing where the knowledge is put into practice to better the lives of the patients. With this knowledge, Martha Rogers revolutionized the profession with nursing being established in higher education. Rogers led nursing to be established as a separate and unique professional undertaking with unique aspects and genuine importance in healthcare delivery.

            Rogers’ refinement of science and her use of pandimensional awakening created a deeper meaning of nursing from the 1970s when nurses swore by the Kardex and analysis and diagnosis would be done by the patient’s bedside. However, by looking at the profession from Rogers’ angle, it is rather apparent that the nursing profession became more professional and accountable. The eight concepts developed by Rogers’ in her nursing theory created a fundamental unit for further research for a holistic profession. The effect is the unique role that nursing plays today in the provision of healthcare.

            The contribution of Martha Rogers through her nursing theory is that nursing profession is now an integral part of the healthcare system with nurses being accorded the same respect as other players in the nursing field. Besides, her theory has led to a more refined research base thus making it more advanced and provides the patients better health care and the nurses better working conditions. Roger’s contribution played a critical role in the achievement of nursing’s current state as a discipline and professional practice crucial in healthcare delivery.

October 13, 2023

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