Maysoon Zayid’s TED Talk

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Disability is the impairment in for of development, cognitive, mental, intellectual, and bodily and sometimes a combination of more than one shape of impairments (Fran). Disability affects the victim’s life activities; for example, a person with a bodily disability such as sight has no ability to see thus he/she can use one-of-a-kind devices to understand some normal existence activities such as reading. In this essay, I find it essential to argue on elements that disabled persons went through in their lives basing on the Maysoon Zayid’s TED Talk, “I got ninety nine problems.
Maysoon Zayid narrated her life story, and it is amazing that despite all the challenges she went via from her childhood, she is now a prominent person who has participated in various entertainment and humanitarian activities in the United States and Asia. Maysoon Zayid suffers Cerebral Palsy (CP) thus she encounters problems such as thinking and balancing her body while standing, walking and even while sitting down (TED Ideas Worth Spreading). According to the understanding of many people in the society, disabled persons have less ability to perform normal activities, but according to Maysoon Zayid, disabled persons are capable of performing normal activities if and when they are supported by the parents, society and the governments. According to Rod disabled persons need to be treated just like any other person in the society because sympathizing and stigmatizing disabled person is one way of killing their dreams; for example, Maysoon Zayid missed some chances in the entertainment industry because she was treated as a person with less ability of acting or performing in the film. The position in “Dance Real Slow in Jackson” is one of the chances which she missed because she was underrated due to her health condition (TED Ideas Worth Spreading).

Maysoon Zayid was lucky because despite the disgrace she encounters in some parts of her life, she was supported by her parents. Zayid’s parents treated her just like her normal sisters, and she was always told she could do anything she wants as a way of motivating her (TED Ideas Worth Spreading). In the society, disabled persons need to be treated well to avoid adverse impacts that are caused by the stigmatization such as esteem destruction. It is true that they require special treatments in terms of devices and facilities in some places such as offices, parking lots and the special sitting positions in places like church, mosque and schools, but the society should not at any point undermine the abilities of the disabled person because disability is not inability (The Un Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).

The life of Maysoon Zayid is characterized by both oppressive and progressive factors as far as her health condition is concerned. Her parents and some entertainment companies supported her to achieve her dream of becoming an actor, standup comedian and a humanitarian. However, some of the people in the society (New Jersey) treated her as a disabled person with little abilities and to make it extremely hard she was treated as a woman and an Arab-American who she believes some of the Americans believe that Muslim are terrorists (TED Ideas Worth Spreading).

In conclusion, disabled persons still face challenges even now in 21st century. As Maysoon Zayid believes disabled persons make the largest population of the minority community in the world because they are still being undermined by the society and the governments. Despite that some of the individuals respect disabled persons, there is still much to be done to ensure the disabled community feel the sense of belonging in the society.

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September 11, 2021

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