Meaning of work through a manager

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Managers are tasks to ensure that organizations perform in regard to the set goal and objectives. Therefore, they should seek to understand the deep meaning of work and motivation for the purpose of effective management and leading people in the workplace. Therefore, when managers understand their work, they need to develop motivating aspects in order to effectively lead people in an organization.

Meaning of Work through a Manager

In an organization, work especially by a manager is regarded as the coordination and distribution of work duties, authority, and skills (Robbins et al,. 2013, p. 37).

Managers work towards organizing work productivity, employees, resource allocation and training in order to attain desired outcomes.

Managers work by providing adequate direction, guidance, support and leadership for positive performance (Robbins et al,. 2013, p. 56).

The managerial work is associated by the individual’s roles in an organization in ensuring efficient performance.

Meaning of Motivation in an Organization.

Motivation is perceived as a process applied to inspire and encourage workers to conduct their work thoroughly and properly in the workplace (Robbins et al,. 2013, p. 67).

The main aim of motivation in the workplace is to promote employees’ morale through encouraging and influencing them in a positive manner.

Motivated workers tend to efficiently perform their duties (Longoni, Golini, and Cagliano, 2014, p. 148).

Notably, motivation keeps workers more interested in their jobs and feel valued by an organization, thus increased productivity.

Managers should intrinsically motivate the workforce and make them enthusiastic about their jobs as well as stimulating them toward accomplishing activities associated with work.

Managers’ Motivational Roles Towards job Performance


Managers Motivate the Workforce                         Promotion of Organization Performance

Motivational Theories and Model

Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Theory

Elton Mayo motivation theory

Vroom Expectancy Motivation Theory

Goal-oriented model

Explanation and Application of Involve Theories and Model in an Organization

Ø Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Theory- The theory asserts that managers should produce a happiest and productive workforce by improving hygiene and motivator factors (Yusoff, Kian and Idris, 2013, p. 21)

Managers recognizes workers’ effort, supporting their careers, desirable policies and salary as well as the good relationship. This will motivate workers since they feel supported, valued and appreciated as part of the organization progress (Yusoff, Kian and Idris, 2013, p. 22).

Managers work on providing the best possible conducive working environment in conjunction with fair pay.

Ø Elton Mayo motivation theory- it emphasizes on the significance of social need as an element to motivate employees (Thompson, 2017, p. 23).

Managers focus on treating workers in a humane fashion and caring about their welfare. This demonstrates a deep interest to individuals, hence motivating them to work their level best.

Ø The Vroom’s expectancy motivation theory-It asserts that employees’ performance is closely related to the way they are motivated.

The theory emphasize that workers’ performance is based on aspects such as knowledge, abilities, personality and skills.

Based on the theory, employees are easily motivated if they believe that there is closer association between efforts and performance and favorable outcome results in appealing reward.

Ø Goal-oriented model assert on the need for providing effective incentives to workers (Gong et al., 2013, p. 45).

Managers focus on rewarding employees when they exceed or meet targeted goals.


Managing and leading employees in the workplace require special understanding of managers’ work and motivation aspects they can apply in the attainment of an organization’s goals and objectives. Managers’ work involves distribution and coordination of duties, authorization, resource allocation as well as training of workers in order to attain desirable outcomes. Effective work requires managerial effort in motivating the workforce through supporting their careers and providing conducive working conditions. This attracts on the need to understand Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, Elton Mayo motivation theory and goal oriented model that asserted for the strong need for managers to motivate workers.

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