Media Coverage of an Event

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Media coverage is a medium of contact that can reach a wide number of people through channels such as television, newspapers, the internet, and radio. The media coverage on September 11th is an example of media coverage that has depicted Muslims negatively, especially among Americans. According to Bail (2012), the incident clearly enabled news organizations to openly stereotype Middle Eastern individuals. The reasoning was based on the fact that the names of Muslims were listed after the outcome of the September 11th attacks. Essentially, news coverage via different television programs led to a negative perception among Muslims, and yet not all Muslims or everything associated with bombs is associated with the Middle Eastern.

The influence of the media on the outcome of the event

From the above paragraph, it is apparent that the influence of the media on the outcome of the September 11 attack was a negative, especially on the Meddle Eastern community. The outcome of reporting that Muslims were the primary suspects, has led Americans to look at Muslims in a negative and as the primary individuals associated with such events. Buckingham (2013), enumerates that initially, bomb threats at a neighboring school was dismissed as the work of pranksters and ignored, but due to the September 11 attack, such events are reported if arrests are made. Furthermore, white powder will bring out the new crews, thus, an instigation that reporters have conditioned themselves to treat every situation as serious.

Did the media impact people understand of the event?

The media played a huge role on matters associated with the September 11 based on the way Americans often react to an event. The rationale is based on the fact that people living in America are more cautious as what was portrayed in the media has created fear and responsibility at the same time. In the modern world, the September 11 attack as taught Americans the relevance of being cautious at the same time Americans fear events associated with the Muslims (Friedman et al., 2012, 34). Therefore, the media impact on the event was fundamental as it enabled citizens living in America have a better understanding and responsibility of each other on matters associated with safety.

How long does the news coverage stereotype an event?

The news coverage has the capability to stereotype an event throughout a lifetime. An example is what transpired to President F. kennedy of the United States and the September 11 attack. The rationale is based on the fact that news can be kept in the form of newspapers and the videos for future reference. Buckingham (2013) entails that news coverage stereotype of an event can last for a lifetime based on the forms of media used to report the news at hand. The platforms used constantly remind those who can retrieve the news on what transpired.

How reliable, then, is the information that we get from the media?

From the above paragraphs, it is apparent that the news attained from the media is reliable as the aspects of investigation and research are put into consideration. An example is where when cases of bombs/white powder are noted, an arrest has to be made for the media to report on the event (Friedman et al., 2012, 11). The implication here is that the media is cautious enough to ascertain that what is shared with the public is the right news. Fundamentally, it is therefore essential to rely on news coverage as unknown events are bound to be shared to ascertain the safety of a society.

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January 25, 2023

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