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There are several mental clinics that treat and take care of patients with mental disorders. Visiting the mental clinic was not something I ever thought of, not as patient in that case, however, it dawn upon me. I always thought mental clinics were for the insane and felt that it would be so hard for me to cope in the clinic and especially with the patients. It was like going into a different world with different people with weird behaviors.

            I was depressed for quite a while that is why I visited the clinic. I was always irritated and pessimistic about everything and I lost interest in many activities. My mood was so low and my concentration, too. My sleeping and eating habits were irregular and my self-esteem was low. At the mental clinic, I attended several group sessions with fellow patients. I visited my therapist four times a week. Some patient rejected their mental state and said it was misunderstanding and that they are not ill. At one point a patient approached me and started fluttering I was very scared at the moment and did not know what to do.

            My experience at the mental clinic was interesting and it changed how I feel about mental clinics. I believe my time at the mental clinic will change my situation I learned how to interact will people freely and believed in myself. I learned a lot from fellow patients in the group meeting and from my therapist. I have normal sleep and eating habit. Interacting with fellow patients changed my social behavior and self-esteem. I am no longer depressed but socially active in school.

October 24, 2023



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