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The Operations at the Bright Shoes Manufacturing Company

The operations at the Bright shoes manufacturing company, where I worked before quitting to further my education, should be streamlined using lean methods. The business uses leather industry raw materials to create shoes. Lean principles would be helpful in reducing waste and boosting the number of units produced each day. The production and technical management found it difficult to handle the ongoing challenge of waste reduction during the shoe manufacturing process.

The Cellular Production Model

The company that makes Bright Shoes must implement the cellular production model. The only way the company can manage the reduction of waste generated during the manufacturing process is by ensuring that all the equipment and workstations are placed according to the group of different processes situated close to each other so that the manufacturing of similar products becomes relatively easy. The objective of cellular production is to minimize the inventories and the cycle time to attain the response times of the market (Abdu, Peter & Gupta, 2016).

Efficient Utilization of Talk Time

Further, the company must efficiently utilize talk time because it is the crucial aspect for the customers. Therefore, the average rate of Bright Shoes manufacturing company of producing shoes is guided by the requirements of the customer and the time constraints available to execute the task. That would ensure that the customers get the product they want within the time allocated for the production of the item (Bicheno & Holweg, 2000).

The One-Piece Flow Concept

One-piece flow concept underscores the need to reduce systemic constraints by reducing the size of the batch. The methodology works by ensuring that there is seamless production process whereby the product moves at a constant pace from one stage of processing to the next stage by conveyor belt system or any other means of movement without delays (Bicheno & Holweg, 2000). All the steps of shoe production need to be synchronized so that the production process goes on smoothly with small batches of the outcome but at a higher speed.


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Bicheno, J., & Holweg, M. (2000). The lean toolbox. Buckingham: PICSIE Books.

March 15, 2023

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