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A modest bedroom of less than fifteen square meters. There are Raiders game books all over the place. The enormous closet's wall is open, and various clothing are strewn about.

MIKE JOHNSON (15) has a slender build and wears black-rimmed spectacles. While playing computer games, his fingers furiously tap on the keys of his laptop.

MIKE (enraged): Fuck! Fuck! What are these cretins doing?!

The screen displayed a word error. As a result, Mike slams his fist against the keyboard.

(CONT'D) MIKE (to microphone):What fuck you guys think you are doing?! You are all a piece of shit! I shouldn't have trusted you guys!


I am sorry, BOSS. I will do my best in the next time.

Mike kicks his chair furiously.



SAM DURANT and two male students push Mike around the corner.


What'd you get?

MIKE (in panic):

What are you talking about?


I mean the money. Have you forgotten? You owe me a hundred bucks?

MIKE (his eyes trying to avoid Sam, appears to be nervous):

I..I…don’t owe you anything. I’m sorry. Can…can I go now? I’m late for my first class…

Sam, along with his three other friends pins Mike to the row of lockers in one corner of the corridor. Some of the students walking toward their classes pause for a glance while others just kept on going to and fro the corridors. Sam leans close to Mike as he grabs the collar of his shirt.

SAM (furious, eyes wide open on Mike):

You’re not going anywhere this time, you dirt dweeb!


Yeah, better pay your debts, Bumble Bee!

(Bumble Bee became one of the pet names for Mike because of his large eyes and eyeglasses).

Before Mike could mumble anything, the school principal Miss Evans immediately meddles on the situation.


Alright boys, enough is enough, better stop that nonsense. Mr. Johnson, go to your class now, I believe you’re already ten minutes late…

Mike quickly brushes off some lint that stuck on his sweater. Probably the lint came from those bullies.

MIKE (timidly looking at Ms. Evans):

I’m sorry, Miss Evans.

MISS EVANS (looking through her wire-rimmed glasses and nodding her head):

No worries, get going now, Mr. Johnson.

Mike quickly runs to his first class. Sam and the rest of his friends begin picking up their bags and books on the floor when Miss Evans calls their attention.

MISS EVANS (CONT’D- narrowing her eyes on Sam and his friends):

As for you Mr. Durant, you will be in detention for the whole day. Together with the rest of your friends.

SAM (protesting in frustration):

But Miss Evans…

MISS EVANS (cutting off Sam and pointing to the principal’s office):

No buts, Mr. Durant, go to my office--- NOW!

Sam snorts and together with his friends, walks toward the principal’s office.


Mike arrives at school. As usual, he slept late the other night because of his addiction with the various games and applications in his I-Phone.

MIKE (V.O.; thinking furiously):

Ah, shit! Why did I forget to set the alarm the night before? Damn it! I guess I won’t be able to get to my first class…ugh! Fuck!

Mike’s first class was supposed to be at seven in the morning but he arrives in school at seven-thirty. Fifteen minutes more and the bell will ring, indicating the end of his first class. Because of this, he decides to sit in the cafeteria for awhile and continue playing computer games.

(Bell rings; students get out of their classes and bustle around the corridors to attend to their next classes)

Mike finishes the last level of his game. He gets up and walks to his second class but suddenly stops as Sam and the rest of his gang walks up and grabs his shirt collar.

MIKE (looking startled at Sam):

Wh…what do you want this time, Sam?

SAM (eyes wide open at Mike; appears furious):

You still owe me something, dirt dweeb!

MIKE (appears to be in panic):

What…what are you talking about?

SAM (pours milk all over Mike’s hair, face and body):


The whole class laughs at what is happening in front of them.

MIKE (shocked with eyes wide open):

Aaaaaarghh…..what is this for? I don’t owe you anything!!!

SAM (gives Mike a cold stare and a condescending laugh):

That’s what you deserve for putting us in detention yesterday!

Mike tries to protest but their teacher suddenly came inside the classroom. Sam and the rest of his friends hurriedly go to their desk chairs and act as if nothing happened. Mike has no choice but to do the same as he wipes off the milk residue from his face, arms and shirt.

MIKE (V.O.; thinking furiously):

I hate this stupid life!!!


Mike goes straight to the locker area when his classes ended to take out his laptop and school books. He appears to be shocked as he saw his padlock broken and the door of his locker wide open. All of his books and notebooks were scattered on the floor.

MIKE (furious while hastily picking up my things):

Damn! Who did this?!

After a few minutes, he realizes that his laptop, which he placed inside his locker earlier, is missing.


Holy shit! Where is my laptop?

Mike tries to find his laptop a second time in the pile of books and notebooks scattered below the lockers. When he could not find what he was looking for, he decides to ask around. He taps the shoulders of the students chatting near the locker area.

MIKE (in panic)

Hey, um did you happen to see who did this to my locker? Because my laptop is missing----

RANDOM STUDENT 1 (looking annoyed; cutting him off):

No! Why should I care about your locker anyway?

The other students laugh at Mike as he tries to look at every nook and cranny for his laptop and books. He goes to the cafeteria and ask around as well. Sam and his friends will follow him in the cafeteria but will hide somewhere where they will not be seen).


Hey, um do you happen to see a slick, black laptop around here? My laptop’s missing and-----

RANDOM STUDENT 2 (cuts him off in a sarcastic tone):

Go look for your laptop in the trash can, dude!

(Fellow students laugh)

RANDOM STUDENT 3 (in a sarcastic tone):

Yeah, why should we care about your laptop? You should be careful with your stuff. Maybe it was hidden somewhere and you’re not just aware of it…

The statement of one of the students catches his attention and tries to think deeply.

MIKE (V.O.):

Hidden somewhere? Where? And who could have done it?

Mike goes around the school premises looking for his laptop. He looks for it under the tables, chairs, and lockers. He enters different classrooms as well as the washroom but he could not find his laptop. He even tries to check every trashcan in the corridor to see if it was hidden inside. Students who happen to see him could not help but laugh and call him names.

GROUP OF RANDOM STUDENTS (simultaneous talking and laughing):

What is he doing? Is that guy crazy? Oh my God, what is he looking for? Why is he taking out trash in the garbage can?

Meanwhile, Sam and the rest of his gang were in one corner of the corridor laughing hysterically while looking at Mike. Then Sam followed by his friends goes to where Mike is.

SAM (in an annoying tone):

Looking for something, butthead?

(Sam’s other friends were laughing and making fun of him as well).

Mike faces Sam and his friends, wearing a look of frustration and extreme anger in his face.

MIKE (in a nervous, almost angry tone):

I know you were the ones who opened my locker. Where did you hide my laptop?

SAM (laughing in a sarcastic tone):

‘ Hahahahaha! You think we hid it? Why would we have an interest on your ancient laptop anyway?

MIKE (growing angry):

Because you wanted to get even with me since you think I am the one who put you on detention. Now tell me, where did you hide my laptop?

Sam walks closer to Mike. Now facing him, he grabs Mike’s shirt collar.

SAM (now furious):

You stupid dirtbag! Are you accusing me?!!

MIKE (tries to push Sam away from him to calm himself):

Sorry, I was just asking you because I know that you’re the only one who’s going to have a motive of hiding it.

SAM (laughs hysterically):


Then the rest of Sam’s friends make fun of him as well. Some of the students also called him names such as, “stupid geek” and “crazy dumbass”. Mike’s cheeks will grow red with humiliation followed by extreme anger. Because of this, he goes to the stock room and looks around. He finds an old baseball bat and quickly picks it up. He stomps out of the room and starts attacking Sam and the rest of his friends.

MIKE (ready to attack Sam and his friends; in extreme anger):


Some of the students stopped walking to see what the commotion was all about. Most of the students were shouting as if watching a live football of basketball game.

Mike beats Sam’s chest as well as shoves away his friends. Their faces will grow fearful upon seeing Mike’s extreme fury.

(Sound of whistles from the security guard approaching)

SECURITY GUARD 1 (goes in the middle and holds both of Mike’s hands):

What’s going on here?

The other security guards help Sam and the rest of his friends stand up. Mike was about to answer when Miss Evans suddenly appeared.


What is this commotion all about? Johnson, why are you holding that baseball bat? Put it down, NOW!

MIKE (still catching his breath):

Miss Evans, they hid my laptop. I know they did but they don’t want to tell me where it is.

SAM (tries to protest):

That’s not true!!! We don’t have anything to do about your laptop!

MISS EVANS (in a calm tone):

Alright, Mr. Durant and the rest of you go to the principal’s office now. I need to talk to your parents. Mr. Johnson, please go with me as well. We need to talk to the guidance counselor and your mother.

Mike, Sam and Sam’s friends were escorted by the security guards.


As for the rest of you, please go home now.


Miss Evans, Mona Lisa (Mike’s mother) and the guidance counselor, Miss Delaney talk about Mike’s behavior toward what happened earlier. Mike sits in one corner of the room with his head bowed, staring blankly at the floor.

MONA LISA JOHNSON (with lips pursed, talking to Mike):

What is your problem, Mike? You know what I don’t know what to do with you anymore. All you seem to care is your computer games whenever you get home from school…

MISS EVANS (cutting off Mike’s mom):

Mrs. Johnson, I believe it’s not entirely the fault of your son why he exhibited that kind of attitude earlier. Maybe your son’s been really going through a lot lately and he does not seem to have anyone whom he can confide with. Miss Delaney, what do you think?

MISS DELANEY (in a serious tone, while looking at Mike):

Yes, you are right, Miss Evans. Mrs. Johnson, you have to understand that your son needs someone especially in the family whom he can talk to regarding his daily activities and experiences at school. It was only until now that it was revealed that he has been bullied by Mr. Durant and his group of friends.

MONA LISA JOHNSON (tries to protest):

You have to understand that I’m also a busy Mom. Also, everytime I try to talk to him at home he does not seem to hear anything and he just proceeds to his room. I don’t even see him studying that much because even at breakfast he just faces his I-Phone or laptop, playing those stupid computer games.

MIKE (lifts his head up and defends himself):

Mom, they’re not stupid games. To me they are my best friends since I don’t have any friends at school and most of the time you’re just busy at home and you ask me a lot of boring questions which I don’t want to answer at all…

(Miss Evans and Miss Delaney look at each other somehow trying to read each other’s thoughts).


Mrs. Johnson, allow me to meddle with this situation. It will help a lot if your son will have like a diversion of activities aside from playing computer games and getting involved in those mobile applications. What your son needs are real people who will be able to help him cope up with schoolwork and at the same time, motivate him to participate in school activities. He needs real friends whom he can confide with, since as you have said, you are quite busy. Most of all, we also encourage you to have ample time to bond with your son whenever you have one. It will help build his self-esteem if encouragement will both come from the school and family. I hope you understand, Mrs. Johnson.

MISS EVANS (head nodding):

I agree, Miss Delaney. We encourage your son to participate in after-school activities. Let him join an academic or social club for a start.


Alright, I’ll do my best as well to be a better Mom for Mike. Yes, do what you have to do to help my son as well. Thank you.

MISS DELANEY (smiles):

No worries, Mrs. Johnson. Mike (turns her head toward Mike’s direction), we have several school clubs specifically for students like you. I’ll help you get into one.

MIKE (looks at Miss Delaney as a tiny smile creeps from his face):

Thanks Miss Delaney for understanding me.


Mike was about to go home when three students approached him.


Hey, Mike! Mike! Mike!

MIKE (turning toward their direction then smiles):

Hey, guys! What’s up?


Mike, join us tomorrow. There’s gonna be like a training for the upcoming chess tournament next week.

MIKE (his forehead creases):

But I just joined the Chess Club yesterday. Am I fit to join the tournament?


Of course you are. You’re quite good in playing chess when you tried out yesterday.

STUDENT 3 (putting his hands on Mike in assurance):

Yeah, bro. You’re amazing. I believe we’re going to win against the Seniors when we’re going to train for this together.

MIKE (smiles):

Alright, I’ll be there tomorrow.


Alright, dude. That’s great!

(The students did a high five with Mike and with each other)


Oh by the way, guys. There’s like this new game which I recently downloaded. It’s really cool….

FADE OUT (students walk together with Mike outside the school and talk about computer games)

---THE END--

April 06, 2023

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