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According to the brain identity theory

According to the brain identity theory, a person's mind is just his brain, and the mental state corresponds to the brain state. Brain identity theory considers brain functions to be private activities, whereas behaviorism associates psychological condition with outer personality qualities. The most major advantage of brain identity theory is that it decides one's behaviors and ideas that are likely to be expressed. Yet, it rejects the concept that mental state is the only factor influencing conduct. Because the brain is an unique physical entity and two people cannot share one mind, an individual's brain can only determine what that person does, not what another person does. The theory of brain identity acknowledges the fact that many physical objects exist in the body alongside the brain and are not necessary relates to the brain as a body component, unlike panpsychism that fails to draw the independence of other physical body parts with the mind. Regardless of what technology can too, the computers can never match the potentials of the brain as computers only perform installed programs by humans and cannot, therefore, can operate on their own.



Despite individuals experiencing similar circumstances it is impossible to ascertain if what their brains perceive is identical. The human mind is connected to the rest of the brain through back and forth transmission of nerve signals, and upon the exchange of the messages, one responds to private subjective actions. Moreover, it is difficult to tell which part brain consciousness the physical body part is responding to. The physical body parts react to the signals of the unseen part of the body the mind). Both physical and mental components are unique, and therefore their functionality cannot be matched with those of zombies and mutants even though there is a close similarity in the parts in both.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the human body makeup is distinct and unique. The functionality of different parts of the body are correlated, and the responses differ from one individual to another despite being in the same environment due to the uniqueness of the unseen mind.

June 12, 2023

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