Multimedia Source summary: Second language acquisition and manageable learning

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Non-English students can improve their language skills by using a variety of language proficiency strategies. Reading comprehension and figurative language interpretation are regarded as critical for English language learning (ELL) students' academic success. ELL students also struggle to understand the English language and there are so many terms with unrelated meanings that they are simply ambiguous and irritating. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to help ELL students improve their English proficiency.

The strategies include explicit instructions, connecting to the real world, a dialogue in context, and the use of native language (CambridgeUPELT).

Explicit instruction is a powerful technique that can assist ELL student with no background knowledge required in distinguishing figurative language. It is essential in providing background information needed by students before they can able to understand advanced learning material. ELL students are capable of understanding language skills if they are started off at a slow pace, and gradually taken through the process of acquiring relevant knowledge. The technique should be executed first since it provides background information on the learning material (CambridgeUPELT).

Using the native language of ELL students is considered ideal in the acquisition of language skills since it incorporates the aspect of culture. Students can have a better understanding of the English language if the use of a figurative language of the native language is integrated into the learning process. It enables students to increase the rate of grasping subject matter by bringing out relevancy and a better understanding of what is being taught. Visualization technique is essential since individuals to relate better to visual imagery in figurative languages. A teacher can bring a point home by using various visual presentations (CambridgeUPELT).

Visual presentations to bring the picture home to the ELL students. Such a presentation is capable of stimulating a sense of differentiated instruction which is useful in providing a connection between figurative saying and an image or picture. Students would also be able to depict the saying by making representations of the saying, in their pictures that bring a relevant imagery to them. This strategy would be very beneficial to those learners who are visual learners because they would be able to connect with the learning material much easier, as well as giving ELL students another option to learn the material. Modeling figurative language assists in producing a stronger ability to interact with varieties of oral and written language. The use of contextual cue assists students in understanding what is going on. Connecting to the real world makes it possible for students to connect the ELL process to personal experience (CambridgeUPELT).

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