My Big Five Personality Profile

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Everyone is in a unique environment

Everyone is in a unique environment, therefore they are exposed to a variety of situations and information, which causes them to react in different ways. Others and even oneself might learn about a person's personality by seeing how they respond to various situations in their environment. Personality is the characteristic of an individual's interactions with other individuals in their environment. According to psychology, personality is the culmination of one's physical, psychological or mental, and emotional traits. Finding one's character is crucial for both getting to know oneself better and selecting the job that best fits their personality and defines their career. This paper will discuss my personality self-assessment test results, identify my strengths and weaknesses based on the assessment and finally explain how my personality type influences my performance in my current jobs.

Self-Assessment Test Results and Whether I Agree with Them

Before explaining the self-assessment test results, it is of essential importance to have a know-how of the various personality types. The main personality types or rather traits are five in total and include extraversion, openness, consciousness, agreeableness and last of all emotional stability (Judge et. al., 2013). Everyone has their personality type the personality test is high and low for some, hence the level of honesty when answering the questions is sure to indicate the fundamental personality profile. My personality trait results were relatively high, pointing out that my personality trait is on the right track. For every personality trait test that I took for all the five types, the scores differed all through. The personality traits that I scored high results, 10 points, were extraversion and consciousness. In the rest of the personality traits, I scored moderate level results. The results thus show both my strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths and Weaknesses Based on The Assessment Results

About the assessment test, I would consider my strengths to be the ones that I scored the highest, and that was consciousness and extraversion. Extravert personality implies that I can get along with my colleagues at my working place. I love making people happy and spreading the energy that I have to the rest of the people. Team work is usually my preferred dose as I get people going during collective work. Moreover, a lot of people at my job lace enjoy hanging out with me. The secret behind having a functional and efficient team work is through inculcating the enthusiasm needed in the right manner and the best quantity.

My weaknesses, on the other hand, would be the factors that I score moderately, and that include openness to experience, agreeableness, and emotional stability. I at times expect those around me to agree with the decisions that I make and often get angry when my hard thought ideas are disregarded. I tend to feel that my decision is the best and that those around me should get along with it. Other people have a better idea and a right to correct a person, hence learning to respect that (Zacher, 2014). The test is important in that I now am aware of my weaknesses and thus strive hard to stir to the right direction, like taking corrections lightly and positively.

My Personality Type and Its Influence on My Job Performance

There are a dozen ways in which the personality type of a person can affect their performance in the job. The personality of the leaders, most notably, has high effects to those who work under them. Being weak emotionally, the position can be affected negatively as staff and colleagues, in general, may be scared and avoid their leaders at all cost (Joseph, Jin, Newman & O'Boyle, 2015). Moreover, they may fear to air their views or correcting mine when need be. However, my strong personality types have always compensated and come out stronger than the weakness, hence creating a balance somehow. The ability to maintain emotional balance and ability to socialize well with others helps me bounce back quickly from the distressful moments and deliver as expected of me at my job specification. As an extraversion person, I am good at setting goals and objectives not only for myself as an employee but for the benefit of the whole company as I make sure that they are achieved. I have often gone forward to talk to councilors, friends, and family to help me through with the weaknesses that I already knew of before the test like anxiety issues in the hope that they do not get the best of me and affect my job outcome.


Conducting the self-assessment personality types was a significant activity as it helped me confirm what I for a long time know about my character, and also establish other weaknesses and strengths I knew not about. Identification of what my weaknesses and strengths do not only help me identify the areas that I need improvement, but also appreciate myself even more. My career and job as a whole are at a safer position since I know what my weaknesses and thus would not allow them to get in the way of my job performance.


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March 10, 2023


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