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I believe I deserve to win this scholarship program I am a dedicated and a hardworking student. I am committed to utilizing the opportunity that the program will offer me. Besides, I always try to enhance the life of my family as well as the community through my part-time jobs. I believe that academic excellence is the key to success and therefore, I do relate my urge for education with my passion for aiding others. In this regard, I was elected the secretary for my college student government and my roles truly define my leadership abilities.

Apart from planning meetings I take notes concerning decisions and the discussions in every meeting. Additionally, I chair at the council meetings in the absence of my senior council members. These duties demand time management, commitment, and responsibility which I have exercised. I have been an inspiration to my siblings since I scored 3.8 GPA and maintaining a good academic record in my college requires persistence which I continue to practice.

Receiving this scholarship will help me to create a strong foundation for my future career. I aim to be a nurse to save the lives of people through counseling and health care. Often, I volunteer to work for a community-based hospital and I realized that the nursing profession will help me to transform the lives of my family and community.

Overall, receiving this scholarship will help me to realize my dreams of becoming a nurse and be the first to graduate in my family.

August 21, 2023

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