My Experience in Disneyland

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Summer Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland

Summer had joined us. And a member of the family was looking forward to the arrival of the light. Getting on a plane has always been a fantasy of mine. I admired the aircraft's sleek design, and its incredible speed made me imagine what it was like to be inside the magnificent beast. When my father revealed the surprise trip to Hong Kong, I was very interested in something there. I scoured the internet for the safest and most thrilling spot for our visit. Everyone was excited about the great Disneyland when they arrived. I can recall from my design class where one of the students mentioned how the park is fully themed in Chinese. It was a lifetime opportunity to see the magical excitement and relaxation associated with the park. The feeling of after riding a roller coaster still in my mind with the excellent company of Mickey.

Fulfilling a Childhood Dream at Disneyworld

Since I was a little child, I have always admired the Disney world from the children programs. The Disneyworld seemed exciting from the movies, and this dream had finally come into reality. My dad had promised a surprise trip to an exciting place in the world. It was until that evening when he announced that the family would be on a week's trip to Hong Kong. I never thought of being in Hong Kong this will be the most spectacular moment of my life. Taking that flight the next morning was breathtaking as I had never left the country before. I had to call my longtime friend and share my joy before the plane took off. After boarding the plane, I took a seat next to a window but unfortunately the wing of the aircraft blocked my view. Looking back in the time, we had learned of many tourist attraction sites in Hong Kong, and this was my chance to enjoy the historical locations in the world. The experience in Hong Kong Disneyland was the most memorable destination as Mickey Mouse welcomed us. The place has been taken to incorporate the Chinese culture into the design. The hospitable shops selling Disney Souvenirs give a friendly feeling as one admires the memory displays. I will live to treasure every moment in Disneyland the magical adventure in four themed lands. Tomorrowland remains my favorite among the four lands namely Fantasyland, Adventureland and Main Street USA.

Discovering the Beauty of Hong Kong

Hong Kong which is home to Disneyland perches on the mainland of China. Though there are many attraction places in Hong Kong, Disneyland is outstanding of them all. Other attractions include the famous Victoria Peak, Police Museum, and Statue Square. Disneyland is located in Penny Bay, Lantau Island. The construction commenced in 2003 and was completed by 2005. When the resort was being designed, Chinese culture and traditions were incorporated. A good example of this design is the bend on the walkway at the resort entrance. The park is the home to Tom Storyland, Mystic point, and Tomorrowland. According to statistics, Disney is the most visited theme park in the world. Visitors all over the world visit the park to see Mickey and Cinderella. There are other Disney parks in the world like in California and Paris. Entrance to the sleeping castle is one of its kind as shown in figure 1. The experience in the park is quite magical especially when one gets the chance to walk accompanied by Mickey and other Disney friends.

A Journey into Wonderland

Walking in Disneyland Park makes you feel you are in a wonderland. Accompanied by Mickey Mouse and other Disney friends signals the start of a fantastic and magical journey. Since Disneyland is a small park, we toured the whole place within a day. On our walk through the park, we could see beautiful, unique scenic views and Disney Theme hotels all over. The feeling one gets keeps one wandering in the world of fantasy and wishing the tour could take longer. My brother and I rode the famous Space Mountain. I was frightened at first, but with the assurance that the roller coaster moves at the relatively low speed of thirty kilometers per hour, I was assured of safety. While riding it, I felt like I was in space as the pitch black background and with only little light, it seemed like stars in the sky. After riding the roller coaster, we visited the Ocean Park in the Abyss tower. It is a twenty storey tower with seats around it. Only my brother who got the guts to ride on the tower like the rest of us has height phobia. The trip seemed enjoyable from the excitement my brother showed while coming down from the tower. He told us from the seats he was able to see the beautiful green island and the blue sea of China.

A Journey of Curiosity and Exploration

Before the journey began, everyone in the family was curious about what would happen during the whole trip. My brother and I had to search over the internet to get an idea of what we were expecting. The knowledge we gained from our search gave us "a powerful craving to satisfy our curiosity first foremost about our environment as a theater for survival." All our senses were involved as we explored the city. I was observing more and kept almost everything recorded in my mind and the family camera. All the feelings were engaged during the whole walk and the overall journey. Considering the landscape, we were more concerned with visual and the meaning of sight. Everybody was "seeing" the magical wonder of the Disneyland. The opportunity to achieve concealment giving us a "the twin bases for our simple classification of prospects and refuge."

A Magical Stay at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

The Hong Kong Disneyland has two official hotels. These are Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Hollywood Hotel. During our stay, we were accommodated in Grand Floridian-esque hotel which a bit closer to the park. From here, one could see the landscape of the park from the hotel's window. The hotel is a Deluxe-caliber hotel with a touch of art which makes one feel like being in a magical Chinese world. In the plane too, one felt relaxed and stimulated as we were served both breakfast and lunch. Prospect-refuge is a green thing which provides the valuable framework for evaluation. Assurance of safety from crime in public places is the best guarantee one can think.

An Unforgettable Summer in Hong Kong

Spending summer in Hong Kong was the most memorable occasion in my life. It was my first time to leave the country as well as boarding a plane. The whole journey was exciting as one could observe the diminishing airport as we were taking off the ground. The crew in the aircraft was hospitable as they served with their pretty uniform. Their communication skills and etiquette humbled us. On landing in Hong Kong, we could see many states of the art buildings. Almost all of them had a Chinese theme. The warm welcome in Disneyland Park by Mickey Mouse was exciting. The walk through the park left me admiring every bit. The souvenirs from the shops remain as the historical memory of my visit to the most memorable place I have ever being. Disneyland, you will ever be in my mind!

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